Future Frozen

Are you wondering what happened after the movie Frozen ended? Here it is! The future of Frozen! Be ready for all the unexpected twists and turns brought into view by Anna and Elsa. I was inspired to create this story thanks to my close friend Olaf_the_Snowman and her amazing stories, Frozen: After the Credits. Enjoy!! :)


8. No Way Out

Elsa's POV


           The blizzard I had created finally started to retreat back into the mountains. I decided to leave the fjord frozen, just in case Anna and Kristoff were still there. I went to go check on them, so I walked back towards Arendale. It was very risky, but I would take the chance for my sister. I slowly walked out onto the fjord, trying to avoid any unwanted encounters with my father. As the clouds of my blizzard slowly began to dissolve into the atmosphere, I saw something. Kristoff in the middle of the vast frozen fjord and a gaping hole in the ice. Anna wasn't with him. My stomach turned. I ran out towards him jush as he pulled up a cold wet looking person. I immediately knew was my sister. She was pale and shivering, and yet she was sweating and her clothes were beginning to smolder. He called over to me "We can't let her near the ice, or she'll melt it all and fall in again!" "This is too risky, where are the soldiers? We have to leave. Right now," I said. Just as we began to run, I heard charging, and immediately thought, "Again?" Just as it had started though, the sound of feet went dead silent, and the only sound was Annas heavy breathing. Kristoff and I came to a halt. Through the misty air, Hans walked towards us, sword in hand. " Well, doesn't this seem familiar," he said in a maniacal tone, "You can come foreword Elsa, it's for the best. Unless you want to do this the hard way. I will give you 2 minutes to decide." I wondered why he didn't ask about Anna, but I assumed that they didn't already know about her abilities to control fire. I was hoping that I was right. Faint as the wind was, Anna whispered, " Run, you can make it to the woods, it's you they want. Kristoff and I will be okay, I promise." I was in tears. "Your time is up," Hans said grinning. Not the warm kind you get when you're happy, but the ice cold kind that gives you the chills. As I heard more footsteps approaching, I ran. There was a piercing jab in the back of my leg that felt like knives, probably because it was one. I heard it skitter in front of me as I collapsed, struggling to move or breathe. "Run!" I screamed in agony towards Kristoff. I saw a blurry vision of him carrying Anna towards the woods, yet no one followed. Pain was searing in the back of my leg. "Let them leave, it's her the king wants." I was yanked to my feet and dragged across the ice unable to do one bit of magic. I was too weak. I didn't dare look down at the gash in my leg, which I could tell was more than just a small cut. I didn't know what went wrong in my life. Everything was perfect. Except one thing. Mama and Papa. It was them. They locked me in my room, expecting me to conceal my "uncontrollable" powers. They were alive all this time, and didn't even come back! And there doing it again! As much as I wanted to strangle someone, my leg screamed no. There was nothing I could do now. I had to embrace the fact that there was no way out of this mess.

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