Future Frozen

Are you wondering what happened after the movie Frozen ended? Here it is! The future of Frozen! Be ready for all the unexpected twists and turns brought into view by Anna and Elsa. I was inspired to create this story thanks to my close friend Olaf_the_Snowman and her amazing stories, Frozen: After the Credits. Enjoy!! :)


4. Escape

Elsa's POV

I woke up at around 9:00 in the morning, probably because I didn't have anything to look forward to. No Anna. No reading. No life. I couldn't believe my parents were alive, but what shocked me more is that they locked me in my room! Bridget came in with my breakfast. "I am so sorry your highness, for, well, everything," she said. "It's fine, but could you please let me see that key?" "Umm sure," she replied. I looked at the key carefully. I gave it back to Bridget and she left the room. I began to create a replica of the key out of ice. I then went to the door, and pushed the ice key into the lock. It worked! I was so relieved. I quickly ran outside and to Anna's door. "Anna! Hurry let me in!" She quickly opened the door, and I ran inside. "What's wrong? How'd you get out of your room?" questioned Anna. "Umm, well, it's a long story, but I want you to come up the north mountain to my ice castle with me. Oh, and you can bring Kristoff, if you must." I told her. "Okay! Let me get a bag with my stuff, and we leave at dusk." She told me. "Why?" I asked. "It's cooler sounding!" said Anna. Ugh, typical Anna.

Anna's POV

I got my bag, and we devised a plan. By the time it was completely thought out, I got Kristoff. He said he would come. We both got sheepskin bags to sleep in, because we weren't like Elsa, and the cold always bothered us anyway. Then, as the sun set, we quietly made our way out of the room and down stairs. We went through the gate and out to the port. Elsa created an indestructible boat out of ice, and we stepped out on to it. I was extremely tired, so I decided to lay my head down in Kristoff's lap. In what seemed like only a couple seconds we arrived on the other side of the lake. We quickly ran off, and went to the "Wandering Oaken Trading Post". We got some supplies and began our trek. After a couple hours we caught a glimpse of Elsa's castle. Kristoff took his ice pick and swung it up the side of the mountain. We began climbing up a rope that was attached to the pick. A couple times I slipped, but luckily Kristoff was there to catch me. We got to the top and began to climb Elsa's staircase. Elsa opened the door and we walked in. "There ware two guest rooms to the right, or you can share one," Elsa told us. "Umm, well, I guess well have one to each of us," I said. I didn't really want to share a room with Kristoff, he was my everything, but he snored loud enough to shake the whole world. Kristoff seemed okay with my decision. Elsa looked at me. "I'm so glad I get to spend some time with you," she said, "it really means a lot to me that you came up here with me," I was so glad to have a sister like Elsa. We gave each other a tight squeeze, and went to our rooms. I decided to go to bed as soon as possible. The sleeping bag was really cozy, and I fell asleep right away.

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