Future Frozen

Are you wondering what happened after the movie Frozen ended? Here it is! The future of Frozen! Be ready for all the unexpected twists and turns brought into view by Anna and Elsa. I was inspired to create this story thanks to my close friend Olaf_the_Snowman and her amazing stories, Frozen: After the Credits. Enjoy!! :)


7. Blazing

Elsa's POV

We walked to a clearing filled with moss geysers and rocks, lots and lots of rocks. I knew where we were. We were in the home of the trolls. I looked over at Anna and Kristoff. Kristoff was in the corner saying hello to some of the rocks, who I assumed were trolls. I looked to see Anna in the corner. She didn't look to well. I went over to see her. "Anna, are you all right? You don't look to good," I told her. "Um, yeah I'm fine, just a little-" she fell to the ground, and the grass around her began to catch fire and shrivel. "Anna!" I screamed at her trying to wake her. Tears were steaming down my face. I went to help her. I didn't want anything else to happen to her, like when I froze her heart. Grandpapi and Kristoff ran over. When Kristoff went to pick her up he backed away suddenly. "OWW! She's boiling hot!" Kristoff exclaimed. Grandpapi came over to her. He felt her head and examined her, "She will be all right, but she has changed," he said. "What do you mean she changed?" I asked "Her soul has been cursed. Something inside her ignited, and she has powers like you, but just the opposite. Fire, Anna had the ability to control fire," I was so shocked. I was scared. I couldn't think about it straitly. What if my father wanted to kill her too? I turned and saw a massive blizzard moving towards us. I told everyone, even the trolls, to run. My emotions must've flared up so much the blizzard was moving towards us, and at a stronger force than ever before. The trolls dug under ground and hid. That left Grandpapi, Kristoff, and Anna left to freeze. Anna was still unconscious on the ground. I couldn't conceal my emotions. Kristoff picked up Anna, even though she would burn and scorch him. He ran, but it wasn't enough, the blizzard would catch up. It was hopeless. Anna and Kristoff wouldn't make it, and it was all my fault. All the sudden, Sven came out of the cold, covered in snow and ice. I had forgotten all about Sven. He got a bad fever and was stable bound for the past two weeks, but I guess he was better. We had a little ray of hope in all that was bad.


Anna's POV

I woke up to see a blizzard. Everything was white. I felt light headed and weak. Kristoff was above me, and Elsa was to my side. I could hear a muffled yell, "We have to get you and Anna out of here!" I saw Sven ride up next to me, and Elsa created a sled out of ice, and Kristoff sat down in it with me in his lap. Elsa hooked up Sven and Kristoff took the reins. I started feeling a little better. I noticed that no snow was landing on me, just pretty much water. I became a little nervous. What if my fever was so bad I was melting things? I didn't think so. Maybe all the snow gear was making me hot. "You and Anna get out of here! I'll keep the storm at bay." Elsa told us. Kristoff told Sven to take us back to Arendale, but I didn't know how he would understand. We sped back home, and I was rushed to my room. I don't know why we came back, but I knew something was terribly wrong with me. I mean, I was wanted dead here! My mother rushed in, followed by a pair of guards. "Anna! Where have you been, is Elsa the cause of this?" "No, actually, I don't know, it wasn't like this before," I replied. My hands started to tingle. Then the blanket caught fire. All the servants and my mother started screaming. I was too. I didn't know if I was getting burnt, but it didn't hurt. I was scared. The fire began to spread, and soon the whole room was engulfed in flames. I looked around. I saw Kristoff with a huge pitcher of water coming towards me. He splashed it on the blanked and picked me up. I could see burn marks all over him, and I wondered if I did that. We ran through the castle, and outside to the sled. Kristoff put me on it. The sled melted beneath me, and we were left with liquid water. "I can walk from here!" I yelled over to Kristoff. The wind was so loud you couldn't say anything without yelling. "Let's get back to Elsa!" Kristoff screamed over to me. We walked across the lake, and I started feeling all tingly again. Then a little light headed. The ice started cracking, and I crashed into the icy water. I hit my head on some broken ice. I saw Kristoff reaching up towards me. The water felt like knives. It went dark.


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