Future Frozen

Are you wondering what happened after the movie Frozen ended? Here it is! The future of Frozen! Be ready for all the unexpected twists and turns brought into view by Anna and Elsa. I was inspired to create this story thanks to my close friend Olaf_the_Snowman and her amazing stories, Frozen: After the Credits. Enjoy!! :)


3. Alive

Anna's POV

When I woke up the next morning, sunlight was pouring into my room. I got out of bed and got dressed. I went out to the balcony to meet Kristoff. It now had been a week since the whole "frozen Arendale" thingy, and Kristoff and I were in love. It was kind of magical. He saw me and called me over to him. He asked, "Do you ever just sit out here and watch the boats?" " Um, not really," I replied "Well, it's quite calming. It's almost like they're gliding over the water." I looked out at the boats. There was one that caught my eye. The boat had some suns painted all over it. I saw Queen Rapunzel and King Eugene on board. There were two other people on board that I could not recognize. I would have to wait and see who they were.

Elsa's POV

I was sitting in my throne room when my servant Bridget came in. "Your majesty, you have some visitors that would like to see you," "Send them in," I replied. First, my friends Rapunzel and Eugene walked in. I met them at the coronation party. They greeted me and stepped aside. Then a woman and man entered. The woman had brown hair tied back into a bun, and the man had dark orange hair and a beard. The woman had the same blue eyes as mine, and, well, the man had the same color hair as Anna. Could it be? No. They were dead. Oh, but, I had to ask. "Mama? Papa?" The woman approached me and gave me a hug. I started crying. It's not every day your parents practically come back from the dead. There were so many questions I had to ask, like, "What happened at sea?" And "Why didn't you write?" But I decided to ask, "Will you take over the duties as Queen and King?" "Yes, I suppose so," replied my father. Great, there went my dreams of being Queen. I don't know why, but my parents brought back the haunting memories of being alone in my room, scared, lonely, overall terrified that I'd hurt Anna. I started freezing things. "Oh, Elsa, you should be in your room!" Said my mother in an urgent tone. My mother ushered me to my room and locked the door behind me. Servants brought me lunch and dinner and all, but I had nothing to do. I was so bored. I started to make ice figurines by twirling my fingers. When I was finished making about thirty, Anna knocked on the door, "What are you doing in there? There's a ball welcoming home mama and papa, assuming, you know they're alive." " I'm locked in, can you get me out?" I asked "Umm, and there's no key," Anna said grimly. Ugh, great. Now I'm stuck in here forever, again. I went to bed that night lonely, sad, and cold. I know I wanted my parents back, but I didn't want to be stuck in my room forever. I was back at square one.

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