A long emotional year

About a girl who loses everything and one direction crew helps her through it all.


4. The kiss

I got in the car and I asked if we can get food. He said that he would buy Panera bread. I said ok. I got an egg sandwich and he got an sunshine egg bagel. We finished and we went home. I got out and hugged him I pulled off and he pulled me in again. He closed his eyes and hugged tighter I went on my tippy toes and kissed him. He opened his eyes and stared down at me. He hugged me and kissed me back we ran inside with our hands interlocked. He said that I was so beautiful and we both kissed again. I know I only known him for 3 weeks but I really like him. I sat down on this white fluffy couch until my eyes felt heavy.  I said I'm exhausted. He said I will come and lay down with you again after I take a shower. I went in my room and I found a bible and started reading it. Then I realized that my moms funeral is tomorrow. I fell to sleep. He came in at some pint because he was sprawled out on his Side. He looked so cute. His alarm went off and he stood up kissed me an the cheek and said Ellow beautiful. His hair was messed up and he had no shirt on. He had mad ABBS. He ran to the bathroom and took a shower. He had only a towel around the waste. I looked at him and said I need a shower so i got in the tub and remembered that I need a bag for my broken arm. So I yelled to him he had not got his boxers on so he covered it with his hand and gave me a bag and left. I giggled then he giggled again to. I was finally done. I ran into my room closed the door and got dressed in a long beautiful dress that his friends girlfriend gave him for me. I took off my locket and put it in a box and put it in my dressy purse. He was dressed in a tuxedo. He asked if he could join me I said yes. I asked if we can drive to my house to get a couple of things he said yes. So I went to our house and Barkley our dog was their. My neighbors must have fed him I grabbed him and a bag of stuff. I got my bunny I never let my mom touch. 

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