A long emotional year

About a girl who loses everything and one direction crew helps her through it all.


1. The crash

Today is Wednesday and I'm still in the hospital. With severe paranoia and stress. I remember the crash and how bad it was. I don't remember much of my life but I remember this. The doctor said I lost all of my long turn memory. And apparently I don't have any shot term memory loss but I can't remember anything. Last night i had a flash back memory of the crash and three nurses had to come in and give me a shot to relax. I remember being in the front seat with my mom and crashing into the windshield and I saw blood on my moms head an seeing her passed out I tried to help her but a car crashed into us that's all I remember. Then three nights later I apparently wake up with four guys in my face. One asked "how I I was doing". I said "I'm doing fine" then the other asked if I needed anything I told them no. And then I told them to go away. I know that was rude of me but I was in so much pain and I didn't want them to see that. Then they came in and told me mom didn't make it. She was the only person I had left and I'm only 16 so I can't live by myself. My dad left when I was 2 months, and I haven't seen him since.well I think that's what my mom  said My rest of my family died well at least my moms side. I know that. 

I have no one and I'm sad.i just can't do this on my own. 

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