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1. The adventure begins

"ANDREA!!!!!" My mom screamed.

"What mom?" I ask still half asleep.

" GET YOUR LAZY BUTT UP ITS SUMMER STOP SLEEPING! GO PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS!" Ugh here goes, now I have to get up, great. I'm one of those kids who sleep most of their summer and watches TV while being a FATASS.

Somehow I mange to get to my feet and walk to the bathroom. I walk in and stare at my reflection. Dark brown hair. Dimples showing like usual. Dark brown eyes. Tan skin. Chubby. Purple glasses. Long curl eyelashes. Big dark eyebrows. After I have finished staring at myself I brush my hair. I brush my teeth and wash my face to wake me up.

Once I come out of the bathroom I can smell the Mexican spicy salsa tingling my nose. Once I approach the kitchen I smell carne asada. Carne asada is one of my favorite types of meat. The powerful smell of onions strikes my face and many more ingredients. My mom serves me my food and I devour my food and walked to my room and got dressed.

Like usual I was in my hoodie jeans and vans. I really don't care if it was summer I felt comfortable and that's what mattered to me. I asked my mom for permission to hang out with some friends. She said sure. I quickly text one of my best friend, Andy.





Me: ANDY!!!!!!!!!


Me: u wanna hang out??

Andy: sure I guess now that I'm awake


Me: U know u love me😏😂

Andy: sadly 😔😂

Me: Oh I see how it is 😂😩

Andy: lol what like u say chu know u love me

Me: who told u that lie???

Andy: wow Andrea your nice lol 😂 hey is it cool if I invite some of my friends???

Me: Sure I get along with people easily so sure Y not ? Hurrrrrry up I wwwaaaaaaaannnnnaaaaaaaaa d leaaaave

Andy: ok I'm on my way.

Me: K

•ABOUT 9~20 min later•

Andy:I'm here

Me: k I'm coming

I walk outside and see Andy. Andy is taller then me, and stronger then me.

Andy is like a kid who loves sports has good grades. He's a charming guy that's pretty attractive. He has brown hair, brown eyes, is tall, muscular, has a nice smile, straight teeth, and lips that are always pink and soft. Who can forget his personality tho come on. He's funny weird and just ....Andy. He looks white but is Mexican just like me. We've always been best friends since I can remember. Only I didn't just like Andy like a best friend but I liked Andy...... Idk y but I just do.

I smile and hug Andy like usual but when I hug him his friends start saying stuff like oh damn Andy your scoring with Andrea😏, KISS KISS KISS KISS, or even awww look at you two,your a cute couple. Me and Andy stop hugging and look at each other his face is red and he's blushing, I'm blushing. I barely noticed that I that I'm the ONLY GIRL. But I don't feel weird or awkward I just be myself the weirdo I am. I'm used to hanging out with guys. I'm not a girly girl I'm not a full on tomboy boy. Im just somewhere in between. I LOVE FOOTBALL unlike most girls I love playing the sport and watching two of my favorite teams play. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS AND THE OAKLAND RAIDERS!!! Anyway, as we were walking to the park me and Andy start talking and get left behind on purpose. Me and

Andy don't care. But I knew something was going on cuz they were smiling and they winked at me. All of sudden in the middle of our convo he asks me who I like. I said a lot of people like my family friends etc. He laughed and said that's not what I meant, I meant crush wise. I freaked out and saw a football and used that as an excuse to not tell him I liked him. I ran up to the football and threw the football at the guys. And after a few games we all sat on the grass and played truth or dare. I was chosen to chose someone.

Me: Andy truth or dare?

Andy: truth

Me: why do u want to know who I like?

Andy: we'll, * he scratches the back of his neck * the truth is I like u so I wanted to see if u felt the same way. We've been best friends for a long time that feels like forever so I know u pretty we'll so yea...

Me: *shocked with joy * why do u like me? Why not another girl?

Andy: your cute funny weird idk there's something I love about u idk y.

Me: so your saying u love me?

• All the guys are quiet smiling •

Andy: I've always loved u.....

Guys: awwwwww

Andy: I swear u guys sound like girls sometimes hahahah

All: we start laughing

Andy: I never had the balls enough to tell u cuz my heart would be crushed if u didn't feel the same way.....

Me: who said I didn't like u?

Andy: you're not gonna like me I know that ....... Wait what ??? U like me???

Me: yea........ Sadly * starts laughing *

Roberto: ok enough of this it's cute and all but I wanna play truth or dare.

Andy:ok, Andrea truth or dare?

Me: dare!

Andy: I dare u to scream something random

Me: ok I do that all the time .........I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANT NOT LIE!!!!!!!

All: Hahahaha

Roberto: wow Andrea

Me:ok Roberto truth or dare?

Roberto: why don't u chose for me * winked at me*

Me: I dare u too.... Punch yourself in the face 9 times

Roberto: NO! That's not fair !!!!! Truth!!!!!

Me: sorry flirty pants u said I can choose so it's u punching yourself 9 times or one of us punches u 9 times.

Roberto: fine I'll do it *punches himself 9times so funny I swear*

• Later on when messing around on the swings and talking to Roberto •

As me and Roberto walk to the benches where everyone is I hear my name called.

Andy: Andrea

I turn around and my lips meet with Andy. My heart is pounding. I move back slowly. He didn't kiss me on purpose it was an accident. We stand awkwardly there , then he comes slowly to me looks at my eyes and moves the hair out of my face and rest his Hand on the side of my cheek. Looks into my eyes and kisses me gently. I closed my eyes then he stops and slowly opens his eyes and stares back at me. I look in his eyes I can see the joy. It was my first kiss, his first kiss.

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