A Million Little Pieces


4. Chapter 4

It was a long plane flight and I felt jet lagged as soon as the plane landed. I got off the plane squishing through all the people rushing to get to their families and friends waiting at the airport.

I looked around for someone who would take me to mrs styles house and as I turned around I saw a tall man holding a piece of paper up saying Cassandra Hope. I walk slowly and calmly until I stopped infront of the man.

"Cassandra Hope?" He said. "Yes, that's me I replied" he took my hand and led me to an old, yellow taxi with smooth leather seats and the calm scent of vanilla essence. The taxi driver was a lovely man and talked about mrs styles.

I took it that he was like her personal taxi, does this mean she's rich? I thought to myself.

"Mrs styles has a very special son Cassandra" the taxi driver said. I was thinking to myself well isn't everyone's son special? The taxi driver turned a tight corner and I peaked out my window. I saw all large, pale houses with paint missing from it and this one house that was bigger than the rest and wasn't as pale. It was a mansion and it was massive!

The taxi driver pulled up to that house and stopped his engine.

"Is this mrs styles house?" I asked

"Yes, this is it!" He said and opened his door. I went to open my door until I got stopped by the taxi driver. "No, let me" he said and opened my door. I wasn't use to people opening doors for me but I could get use to it.

I walked up legs shaking, teeth chattering and body cold. The weather was freezing in London. I was now standing outside the front door and looking for a doorbell. Near the door was a large cube figure with a button I hit it and lights turned on.

I'm guessing that wasn't the doorbell. I then found a small button on the doorknob and hit that.

"You don't know you're beautiful" repeated the doorbell over and over. Unusual doorbell I thought to myself. Opening the door was a young, tall, dark haired girl looking at me.

"Umm hi" I said shivering. "Eh, you must be Cassidy is it?" She said. "Cassandra, but you can call me Cassie for short" I said holding out my hand ready to shake it. The girl just turned around and yelled out to her mother which I take was mrs styles.

A medium height, mid aged lady came running to the door. "You must be Cassandra, oh my you look like your father" she said pulling me a hug.

"Yes, I get that a lot haha" I said and hugged her back. It felt good to have a motherly figure hugging me. I hadn't got a motherly hug since I was 4. Mrs styles invited me inside and took my suitcase.

“Gemma, will you show Cassandra to her room please." Mrs styles said.

" No, I'm sure she'll find it herself." Replied Gemma.

"Oh Gemma, be nice" Mrs Styles said and showed me up to my room. The stairs were long, windey and creaked more and more every step you took. I was now at the door of my room. I smiled at mrs styles and let her know that I'd be unpacking and get some sleep because of my jet lag.

She smiled back and walked back down the stairs. So where was this son of hers I was thinking to myself. The room was large and the walls were a baby blue (my favourite colour) and the carpet a soft, white bouncing every step you took. A large bed and a window behind it. I looked out the window and saw all buildings and houses, large ones! I unpacked my things and placed them all in my wardrobe. I got changed into my pyjamas and went to sleep.

After a few hours nap I decided to get dressed into some clothes and go downstairs and get to know mrs styles.

I walked down the long stairs and as I reached the bottom the front door opened and just under half a dozen tall figures burst through, laughing and chuckling.

There were five boy, yes I counted them. There were five boys all looking little older than me and oh my goodness my heart stopped. At the front was a green eyed, dark haired curly guy who had curls like me, a blonde with bright blue eyes, a dark headed guy with dark brown eyes, a short haired brunette with caramel colour eyes and another brunette with bright blue-green eyes.

They all stopped laughing and looked at me. The curly guy smiled, the short haired brunette guys mouth opened widely and the other three just stared. They were all so cute especially the caramel eyed one.

"Hey I'm Harry." The curly one said and gave me a hug "you must be my step sister!" He added.

"Yeah your Harry Styles?" I asked and he nodded his head. Wow I was actually related to this perfect guy!

The caramel eyed one came and hugged me too. "I'm Liam, and you're beautiful" he said to me. I hugged him back and said "look who's talking" with a giggle. What was wrong with me, I never say this stuff to someone. I don’t know why but he has this litte thing growing on me that makes me tingle inside and ive only just met him.

The dark haired one came and hugged me too. "I'm Zayn and youre like a mini Styles, Only joking" and he laughed. "I'm Niall" the blonde one said and hugged me. "And I'm Louis, but call me Lou or Louie" and he hugged me.

"Your all so close and tall and really good looking" oh my goodness I can't believe I just said that I was just so happy these guys actually talked to me. I had no friends and I hadn't talked to any guys in my life besides my dad. Especially good looking ones! They all laughed at my comment and Harry offered to show me around and the other boys tagged along.

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