The Eternal Game

People say they’re scared of reality. But not me. I’m not scared; hell no, I’m terrified. I’m terrified that reality will come at me with knives, that it will stab me in the chest with serrated blades, that it will steal the one person that will only ever love me.


1. Chapter 1



You know, I’ve always hated reality. Hated my life. Hated god. Because honestly? My life was crap, I was crap, and everything was crap. People often said that they wanted to die because of this harsh world and its unfair ways, and they cut themselves, their arms, their wrists, everywhere. Because they’re numb, numb to everything, and they just had to feel the pain, to understand that this was reality, and that they were alive. Me? I just wanted to survive. Even though I’m a dangerous, anything-could-happen kind of creature, I was still part human. I still had feelings. Even though I was already numb to just about everything, I still craved this warmth, this beautiful feeling called love, that only he could give me.

But then, my life never turned out the way I wanted it to be, and reality was never kind to me. People say they’re scared of reality. But not me. I’m not scared; hell no, I’m terrified. I’m terrified that reality will come at me with knives, that it will stab me in the chest with serrated blades, that it will steal the one person that will only ever love me. And I realized something then; that even though I was a fake and didn’t have the right to judge anything, I knew this wasn’t reality, not really.

No, this was merely cruel, in its worst and purest form. 


Chapter 1


Something whirred softly in the background as soft classical music sounded from the speakers. The dark cell, the ‘Cage’, was devoid of any light. A sweet, yet bitter smell, hung in the air; it tasted strangely like fear. My fear. I cringed as I recalled the same unpleasant memories; when the scaries turned on the huge spotlights at the top of the room, and the cannon emerged from the wall. Mercilessly, they would to shoot me in the stomach. I could still remember their cold, cruel eyes staring at me from the clear room above, their fingers jabbing at something that caused the next bullet to fly out; and their lips would lift in evil smirks.

My stomach clenched at that memory, causing my healing wound to gape. Stitches of pain poked at me, taunting me.


Quietly, I sobbed.



The towering metal doors slid open soundlessly, yet it still managed to wake me up. Groggily, I forced myself to raise my head and stare at the approaching figure. My eyes couldn’t focus, though. My head was spinning; my body was aching. Then I caught a whiff of a familiar brand of cologne, mixed with the scent of-


The man, my only friend, stopped right in front of me. I could sense his emotions as if they were my own. Fear, anxiety, and something I couldn’t name.

“What’s wrong, Dy?”

My voice was scratchy and hoarse. How long has it been since my last meal? I trembled at the thought of food.

“They hurt you again, didn’t they?”

Dyron’s voice was calm, with an undertone of sadness and regret. He cupped my cheek in his hand brushed off a tear. Had I been crying? Evidently, I had. Sniffling, I leaned into his touch and mewled. Sadness poured off him in waves, and I frowned.

He shone a torch on my torso, and his eyes widened considerably. “Zee, you-” His voice cracked. He kissed my cheek and turned the torch off. Then he shuffled away, helplessness causing his footsteps to drag. Silently, he walked out the giant doors. “I’m sorry,” I heard him whisper as the doors slid shut.

Then I was alone once again.


Zero, 10 years later


The bullet cut through the air, and I braced myself for the pain. The bullet sunk into my skin, but I tensed, and my skin hardened. The bullet popped out. It was a neat tricked I’d learnt just for today. Too bad, there was no blood for them to stare at, no screams for them to laugh at today.

Mockingly, I raised my head and glared at the scaries. Shoot me, would they? Hurt me, would they? I burned at the thought of ripping their heads apart, one by one, chuckling as they pleaded for mercy. That mere thought made me grin and forget about the pain, even if it was only for a moment.

And that was what the past ten years at Half-Bloods   had taught me; that the scaries had no mercy. You plead; they smile, and push for more. Sadists. You cry, scream; they stare, they laugh.

No mercy.

My fangs emerged, elongating, stretching my gums.

No mercy.

And when I stared up at the clear room, the scaries were gone.



Nothing felt real. No, it was real, alright. I could feel the pain, throbbing at my abdomen. That neat trick I’d learnt? It only worked sometimes. Sucked, I know. Yet, everything seemed virtual. Like I’m just a pawn in a game. Then the scaries entered the clear room. My gaze locked on the clock at the back of the room and focused.


I clenched my teeth so tightly that my gums started to hurt. 2. I hated that number. Hated it. The scaries moved their hands nimbly over something rectangular, a notepad, Dyron had explained- as they always did before doing it- the experiment, as Dyron had also told me. I readied myself. As long as I didn’t give them the reaction they wanted, they would not smile. No, they would scream at each other. I sneered coldly, just like they always did.

Then they took their seats. The tall, way-too-skinny man took his usual place at the Red Seat. He was the one who pressed the button. I sneered at him, showing my fangs. I caught a flicker of fear in his eyes and I drank it in. Fear, yes, fear. Fear me. Fear what I can do. I snarled, a low growl bubbling from the depths of my chest. Anger built up. Bastards.

The stocky, short guy with a balding head stood behind him, staring at me through those small, beady eyes. Beady eyes that glittered with menace and a trace of fear. I tipped my head back and drank it in. I’d learnt something from these experiments. I loved people who feared me. No, let me correct that; I love the sweet taste of fear. Ten years ago, I’d always tasted my own fear- and it was bitter. Yet others; theirs are sweet, so unbelievably sweet.

The last, a ridiculously tall man with a muscular build, stood beside the Red Seat and stared at me emotionlessly. His mouth was always set in a thin line; never once had I seen it twitch, neither up nor down. No, all he would do was stare at me. And I hated it. Hated him. And I could tell that he hated me too.

Why? Why did they hate me so much? I’d never done anything to them. When they shot me, I cried. I’d make them laugh. So why did they hate me? I’d long past given any thought to god, the good-for-nothing man that would watch his people get hurt like this. The world that he created; he should be outraged that it was like this. But no, he wasn’t. The world that he created- this world- it hated me. Hated me to the core. And god just couldn’t be bothered because I’m just me, a tiny being, useless to him.

But what I am is also a living thing. A creature that had feelings. A human who was helpless to defend herself against those who hurt her.

Wasn’t this enough to ask for mercy?

The tall man’s finger moved- and the first bullet blasted me in my barely-healed stomach. Because it was still healing, I could not tense up, or the wound would open up. Excruciating would have been the understatement of the century as to what I was feeling right then, but I gritted my teeth, trapping the scream in my throat. I see that they have been upgrading their bullets. It was heavier, harder, and so much stronger now. My vision flashed black and white as blood gurgled at my throat. The pain throbbed.

Throbbed slowly, so slowly, yet every throb was like a knife straight into my heart.

And once I again, I screamed up to Him up there.




I had to get out of here. I couldn’t stand any more of this. This- I didn’t even know what to call it. This was more than a simple experiment. This was evil at its purest. It’s maximum. Nothing could be crueler than this. And to chain me up while doing it; what exactly was god thinking? Was he even thinking at all? My mouth curved downwards at the thought of him. Useless bastard.







And that was as far as my vocab for vulgarities went.

Then the towering doors slid open. I focused- and could barely hide my shock. Dyron? Together with the Professor? What was Dyron doing with him? They walked to me, their shoes thumping rhythmically on the marble floor.

Click-clack, click-clack.

A sudden sense of dread weighed upon my shoulders.

“What now?” I sneered at the Professor. I hated him; because he was the one who’d made me like this. The one who’d made my life a living hell.

“Well hello to you too, Zero.”

“Shut up.”

“I see you’ve been getting stronger, haven’t you?”

“And you’ve become uglier, old man.”

“Why thank you. And you’ve grown too, especially these,” his finger landed on my breast.

“Shove off, pervert,” I snarled, struggling, even though it was useless. My skin crawled at his touch.

The Professor straightened and slapped me across the face.

“I’m your Creator, and you’re mine. Remember that if you want to live.”

Then he spun around with elegance and stepped out the doors. I considered the Professor’s words. If I wanted to live? I thought about it. Did I want to live? Yes, I did.  But why? I mulled over it. I didn’t know how to describe it, I guess.

Then I remembered Dyron’s hand cupping my cheek, Dyron holding my hand and reassuring me that everything was going to be alright. I closed my eyes, exhausted. My wound was still healing, slower than ever, and I could only stay conscious for a period of time before falling back into a deep slumber.

Dyron, I guess. Dyron should be the reason that I wanted to stay alive.



“Dyron, listen, I’m gonna get outta here. I hate this place, so much. I hate it, this cruelty. I just- I just can’t take any more of it. I can’t. I just can’t.”

Dyron’s expression remained blank as I continued, “They’ve been hitting me harder every day. My healing is slowing too. I’ve thought about it, Dyron. I know how to get out. Won’t you help me?”

Dyron smiled at me, but even in the darkness, I could see the grin take on a sinister appearance.

“Of course.”

Something was wrong. My ears started to ring as an alarm pounded deep in my head. Head spinning, I let out a moan.

“Jake to Kress. Zero has planned for escape. I repeat, Zero has planned for escape,” Dyron spoke in his collar. Wait, what? I couldn’t understand what was going on. “Dyron? What are you doing?”  I felt my head grow heavy as an odd feeling overcame me. Something I haven’t felt in a long time.


I yanked on the chains that bound me, ignoring the sharp pain that shot through my head as I did that, and hissed, “Dyron, stop fooling around! Why did you tell Kress-” Dyron slapped me across the cheek and I gasped as pain bloomed. “Shut up, woman. Hell, Kress, are you even coming?” Dyron’s voice was growing more agitated; and so was mine. “Why the hell did you hit me? What’s your problem? What the hell’s wrong with you? Hey! Answer me, damn it!”

I felt power surging through my arms. I fed on fear, which could only mean Dyron must be feeling scared. Good. His betrayal had hit me hard, since he was the only one I had relied on in the past ten years. “God damn this shit. You suck so hard, Dyron.” He walked away from me and hissed into his collar, completely ignoring me.

“What the hell, Kress? I said she’s escaping. Weren’t you waiting for this? Stop taking your own sweet time and get your shitload of an ass here now, damn it!”

I couldn’t believe, nor understand, what the hell was going on. Dyron betrayed me, sure, whatever, I could live with that. But who’s Kress? And what’s he going to do to me? Damn, this sucked. And it was all Dyron’s fault. Actually, it was mine. I knew from the start that I shouldn’t trust anyone in this faculty, but I was six, lonely, and hurt.

“Hello again, Zero.”

That broke my train of thoughts fast enough. Then I realized-

“Wait-Professor? You’re that Kress guy?”

“Of course. I heard you’ve been trying to escape, my dearest Zero. But I can’t allow that, you see. You’re very important to me.”

“Important? So important that you have to keep me locked up in alone in some big-ass room? Gee, thanks, Prof.”

He turned and motioned for Dyron to release me from the bonds.

“Come with me, Zero. And I’ll explain everything. Then maybe you’ll change your mind. And if you don’t…”

He turned and shot me a grin, one so cold, so sinister, that it sent a shiver down my spine.


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