got your back

i opened my sleepy eyes find myself on liam's body !

" ehem ! , you have any idea how we ended up like this ? " i said pointing to us i was still on top of him , i was raising my body with my hands with his head in between while my hips and legs where on his !!!


11. she's got nerve


" listen , it's 6:00 pm now and liam is picking me up at 7:00 pm , i'll go take a shower and change

my clothes and you stay away from windows if liam looked out of his he will see you  and i don't

want you to ruin it all " i told adam while standing up from the coach 

i went upstairs to my bedroom to take some clothes then went to the bathroom stripped down to

nothing and turned on the hot water , got in the bathtub and as soon as the water touched my head

and body i felt so relaxed it's what i need right now... 
  Adam's P.O.V 

as soon as emma went to the bathroom i got my phone out of my pocket , dialed a number and hit call 

* ringing * 

" we knew our killer and i need backup ...undercovered , agent emma is going out at 7 pm and i'll

follow her , so i'll tell the men where to be " i said 

" yes , sir " one of our men said ...i hanged up   

i have a feeling that our killer will show up tonight , i put my phone back in my pocket and kept my hand in it 

" hey , it's 6:45 , i think you should leave " emma said rubbing her hair with the towel

" you're right " i replied  faking a smile , got off the coach and left 


Emma P.O.V 

after adam has left , i went to my bedroom to blow dry my hair's almost 7:00 pm 

* door bell ringing * 

i switched off  the blow dryer then went downstairs to open the door 

" hey , beautiful " liam said smiling 

" hey " i said smiling 

" ready to go ? " liam asked

" yeah " i answered nodding  

" great  " liam said as i was closing the door and as soon as i did ..

" please tell me you forgot your keys again " liam said smiling 

i smiled back then he grabbed my waist , pulled me closer to him and softly kissed my lips  

" so where you wanna go ?" liam asked looking at my eyes with his hands around my waist 

" hmm , lets just hang out " i answered ...

" ice cream ? " liam asked 

" yeah " i said grinning 

we started walking down the street with liam's hand holding mine interlocking our fingers 

he gently squeezed my hand , i looked at him and smiled then squeezed his...he leaned over and

whispered " i love you " in my ear ...i blushed then smiled  and looked down tucking my hair behind

my ear 

suddenly a group of fan girls ran toward us  

" liam , liam , i love you , " the girls said screaming 

" can i have a photo with you " one of the girls said 

" actually that's my day off " liam said rubbing the back of my hand with his thump 

i looked at him smiling while he kept looking at the girl he's talking with 

" it's ok " i said smiling  , liam looked at me " ok " he said nodding 

" ok , but let's make it fast " liam told the girl ...i tried to let his hand go but he squeezed mine not to

let it go  

the girl stood next to him while her friend takes the photo  ...alot of girls stood infront of us and if i

wasn't holding his hand , he would've disappeared in the crowd 

" hi , kate " ...a voice said !!



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