got your back

i opened my sleepy eyes find myself on liam's body !

" ehem ! , you have any idea how we ended up like this ? " i said pointing to us i was still on top of him , i was raising my body with my hands with his head in between while my hips and legs where on his !!!


18. it's not over yet....

--------Liam's P.O.V -------

i looked to adam then looked to emma 

" oh my god , emma you're bleeding " i said 

emma's face showed she's in pain but she didn't say a word she just kept holding her shoulder in silence ,  after 2 minutes of silence 

" i'm fine , don't worry " emma said trying to get up 

" uh so romantic ! , should i make you guys dinner ? nah let me light some candles for you " adam said in a sarcastic voice , "get up ! " adam shouted 

i helped emma get up  and we were both standing in front of adam who was pointing his gun to us , i'm in the fron and emma's shoulder behind my back

------Emma P.O.V------

i lost my gun when i fell down  , i looked to my right  and i saw my gun it wasn't far away from me , i need to tell liam...

--------Liam's P.O.V------- 

" are you aware that if you killed liam , you will go to jail , adam ? " emma asked

" aww , you care about me kate ? " adam said 

i felt emma's hand on my back , i could feel her drawing an arrow to the right and an arrow down , i looked to my right down and i found emma's gun  

" ofcourse i do , adam " emma said smiling 

emma went closer to adam 

" you know you are scaring me with your gun " emma said getting closer and closer to adam 

" i don't mean to scare you kate , i just wanna kill him " adam said ,  " he ruined my life " adam shouted 

" no adam " she was standing right infront of adam  , "he made me know how much i love you , how much i need you " emma said  putting her hand on adam's cheek 

" kate !, are you telling the truth , is that what you really feel ? " adam asked emma 

" of course adam " emma said getting her face closer to adam's 

"i've always loved you " emma said while her lips are touching adam's 

adam's hand was getting down , emma started kissing adam .....suddenly adam dropped his gun 

i thought it's my chance to grab the gun 

" enough " i shouted pointing the gun to adam 

adam picked the gun so quickly and point it to emma's head 

" you shoot , she dies " adam said 

" emma ! " i said 

" it's ok " emma said smiling and nodding slowly , like if she was calming me down , she looked at her hand and then at me , i looked at her hand she had 3 fingers up , i looked at her , she smiled , i looked at her hand again she was starting the count down 3..2..she pushed her head back as hard as she could hitting adam's nose , then she fell down 

 ----------Emma's P.O.V-----

" shoot " i shouted looking at liam

" i can't , i can't kill him ! " liam said

" i can "  adam said pointing his gun towards liam 

*gun shot* 



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