got your back

i opened my sleepy eyes find myself on liam's body !

" ehem ! , you have any idea how we ended up like this ? " i said pointing to us i was still on top of him , i was raising my body with my hands with his head in between while my hips and legs where on his !!!


20. i always got your back <3

-----Liam's P.O.V ------

i woke up once again , there was light coming out from the window and there was a girl standing in front of it 

" Emma " i whispered raising my hand to reach her i could see her turning around but i couldn't see her face cuz i still was a bit weak that i closed my eyes and i couldn't keep my hand up , i felt my hand falling down to the bed but she hold it before it reach the bed 

" liam , honey are you ok ? " she said 

i nodded and opened my eyes a little bit

" Sophia " i said 

" yes , liam i'm glad you're fine " sophia said 

" how did you know i'm here ? " i asked while trying to sit down 

" kate called me , she explained everything to me " sophia said  " and she told me how much you love me , and i love you too " sophia continued 

i slowly nodded and looked away towards the door's room to find zayn coming in 

" hey man , how are you doing now ? " zayn asked 

" i'm fine " i answered smiling 

" ok guys , i'll leave you alone for a bit and go to the ladies room " sophia said 

" ok " i said 

once sophia walked out of the room 

" anything about emma ? " i asked 

" liam , you should forget about her " zayn said 

" what do you mean forget about her ? , i love her " i said shouting

" this is better for you liam , she's not coming back " zayn said 


_______________________ TWO YEARS LATER _________________

Liam's P.O.V

2 years had passed and i didn't see emma again , though i feel she's always around ..i'm going crazy..... 

* phone ringing *

" hey " i answered

" happy birthday man " Zayn said 

" thanks man " i said 

"zayn listen , i'm not feeling like staying at home " i said " what about go hang out ?" i asked 

" sounds good , i'll meet you in 15 mins " zayn said 

" cool , bye " i said 

i got dressed and went out to the meeting point with zayn , i didn't want to ride the car , just wanted to walk and breathe some fresh air 

" oh my gosh , liam " a girl shouted 

" here we go " i said to myself 

" can i have a photo with you , plzzzzz " the girl said 

" sure " i said smiling 

and in less than a minute i found around 7 girls circling around me 

" take a photo with me too " a girl said holding her phone up and taking a selfie 

i looked at the camera and smiled , then my eyes looked at the street and i don't know why i did that maybe cuz it was destined to see her ...yes i mean emma 

she was standing there looking at me smiling 

" emma " i said trying to go towards her 

but the fans came in my way stopping me from even moving a step forward 

" liam , plz i didn't take a photo with you " a girl said 

" ok , just wait a second " i said looking to her 

i looked again to emma ......where's she ?!

she disappeared .... as if she wasn't there 

i went to the spot where she was standing to find a little piece of paper on the ground 

i opened it and started reading ...

" liam , though my mission is completed , i was with you through whole the two years that passed , and i'll always be with you , happy birthday , and remember that i always got your back ! "

" i know my love , i know " i said to myself smiling 

________THE END_______

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