got your back

i opened my sleepy eyes find myself on liam's body !

" ehem ! , you have any idea how we ended up like this ? " i said pointing to us i was still on top of him , i was raising my body with my hands with his head in between while my hips and legs where on his !!!


9. falling for you

"who's this " i asked liam while getting off him 

"that's zayn , my friend " he answered while rubbing his face with his hands and sitting down 

" i remember leaving you alone , who's she ? " zayn asked 

 " i'm kate , i live next door " i answered 

" hi kate " zayn said waving his hand " sorry man , i had to stay with perrie ..her mum wasn't feeling

well and she went to the hospital .. " zayn continued 

" no problem , how she's doing now ? "  liam asked 

" she's better "  zayn answered 

" good " liam said 

" i was going to make breakfast , did you have breakfast zayn ? " i asked 

" no " zayn answered 

" then you must be hungry as much as we do, 10 minutes and breakfast will be done  "  i said 

" ok " zayn said smiling  

i went to the kitchen thinking about that awesome kiss we had ...i think it's time to leave my heart open ...i kept thinking about whether what i did was right or not i just followed my heart is it that bad ? ...

" this one isn't counted  "  a whisper in my ear said 

i turned to where the sound was coming from to find liam's face so close to mine smiling then kissed

my cheek and went out to the bathroom 
                         Liam's P.O.V 

that was freaking awesome but zayn ruined it all, man ! i sighed , and kate went to the kitchen 

" what was that ? " zayn said looking angry ..."you have a girlfriend remember " he continued 

" unfortunately i do " i said .." but i think i have a thing for kate " i said whispering 

"what ?!! " zayn said whisper shouting , "how long have you known each other like 5 hours ago ? "

zayn continued 

" actually they were 7 hours " i replied 

" really , you should have children by now !! .. what's wrong with you ? " zayn answered angrily 

" i don't know , i just like her a lot ...maybe i love her " i replied thinking about what i just said 

" i think it's the right time to slap you " zayn said narrowing his eyes 

i looked at zayn thinking ..then looked down smiling 

" why are you smiling ? " zayn asked

" i'm not " i said with innocent look on my face 

" you know what " i said narrowing my eyes , "excuse me , just a second " i continued ..i left him

 and went to the kitchen ....i need to finish what i started  " this one isn't counted " i whispered in

kate's ear ..she looked at me..our faces were so close to each other  i kissed her cheek and went

to the bathroom to take a shower , and when i got out i found kate was done with making the


the three of us had breakfast  , and we watched tv for some time

* so fans of one direction get ready cuz one direction latest news is about to start ..liam payne  the

20 yrs old singer , was about to have an accident ..apparently a car was going to hit him but he was blessed with a new life indeed ...and luckily one of our reporters was there and got it all on camera 

, let's watch the video *  

                      Emma's P.O.V

when i heard the host talking about the accident my eyes went on the tv 

the video was about a black jeep car going straight to liam and a girl with him  but  one of his

 bodyguards pushed them aside ..saving them in the last minute  , and then lots of people started

to run towards liam and the girl to check on them ....what's that !  a girl with red long hair  went

with the crowd towards them but she had a quick look and then called somebody while going to the

sidewalk across the street  ...i saw her before ..who is she ? and why did she go while all of his

fans gathering around him ?  ...maybe she's not a fan ?..... then why she went to them in the first

place ?  and if she's a fan why did she leave  ?

"what's the time now ? " zayn asked  cutting my thoughts 

" it's 3:00 pm " liam answered

" i'll call perrie to check on her mum , excuse me "  zayn said then got up of the couch and went

upstairs leaving me and liam alone 

" who was that girl with you in the video ? " i asked liam 

" she's ..umm ...sophia ... my friend " liam answered smiling 

" so's still 2 hours left for bringing the spare key, wanna go somewhere ? " liam continued 

your bedroom please ...i said in my mind 

" yeah , sure " i answered smiling 

" what about the beach  ? " liam asked

" yeah great  , but i don't have swimming suit " i answered

" okay then first buying a swimming suit then going to the beach , ok ? " liam asked

" yeah " i smiled 

" ok guys , i'll go to pick perries mother up from the hospital " zayn said looking to his phone 

" ok , me and kate will go to the beach " liam said

" yeah , it's a nice day .. have fun guys " zayn replied " see you guys later " zayn said closing the


" we better get going as well " liam said 

" ok " i said while we both stood up and went to the door .....we went to buy swimming suit ..liam

picked a red bikini for me " that will look sexy on you " liam said winking at me 

i smiled and looked down ..then we went to the beach ...we walked by the sea and then  i splashed

him with water  it was a big amount that wetted all his body he stood still .. so did i, looking at him

covering my mouth i didn't think it was that big amount of water  then i burst in laughter 

" come here " he said running after me , we ran for a while but then i fell off with him on top of me 

we were facing each other  .... " you splashed me " liam said 

" so ? " i challenged 

" you got me wet " he said 

" now we're even " i replied with sexy look on my face ...i think he got what i meant 

" yeah " he said with a sexy smile and getting closer to me 

" yeah " i said while his mouth is just about to touch my lips 

he started kissing me and my hands went through his hair...we kissed so passionately 

he separated our lips " i think i love you " liam said " i know it's way too soon but it's just what i feel 

 " he continued  .. i looked at him shocked  " so , what do you think ? , should we give it a shot ? "

liam asked 

 i smiled " why not ? " i said 

" ke. kate ? " a voice said 

me and liam looked at the voice 

" mindy " i said while liam was getting off me and me standing up

" yeah , you still remember me ! " mindy said smiling

" yeah , i remem.ber you " i said narrowing my eyes.....she's the girl i saw in liam's video 

" how are you doing ? " mindy asked 

" i'm good , and you ? " i asked while liam standing next to me 

 " oh my god , you're liam payne right ? " she asked liam 

" yeah " liam answered putting his hand around my waist 

" i'm a directioner and i'm your biggest fan " mindy said smiling while looking at liam's hand which

was around my waist   

so she is a fan , then why she .." ok i'm with a friend and she's waiting for me so i have to go now  ,

nice to meet you again kate and nice to meet you liam " mindy said 

" nice to meet you too " liam said smiling  and i nodded agreeing to his words 

" what time is it now ? " i asked 

" it's 4:45 pm "  liam answered

" we should start moving " i said 

" yeah , sure " liam said nodding his head 

we arrived home 5:10 pm i found adam standing infront of my house 

i went to him with liam 

" hey , are you the one who mrs wilson sent  with the spare key ? " i asked 

" yeah , hi , i'm steven  " adam answered 

" i'm kate , the owner  " i said 

" and i'm liam her boyfriend " liam said  putting his hand around my waist and pulling me closer to


adam had a shocked look on his face And it was obvious enough for liam to see it as well

liam looked at me with * why is he shocked * expression 

" the spare key please " i told adam ...adam was standing still looking at liam as if he still

processing the news "the key please " i repeated 

" yeah , here you go " adam said handing me the key and left 

 i looked at liam smiling and turning to face him then looked at the key  " finally " i said  



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