got your back

i opened my sleepy eyes find myself on liam's body !

" ehem ! , you have any idea how we ended up like this ? " i said pointing to us i was still on top of him , i was raising my body with my hands with his head in between while my hips and legs where on his !!!


10. come to me !


" so now you can go home " liam said putting his forehead on mine 

" i guess so " i said putting my hands around his neck 

" it's still 5:20 pm so, wanna hang out  ? " liam asked 

" yeah sure , but i need to take a shower and change my clothes first " i answered

" okay , see you at 7:00 pm ? " liam asked 

" sounds great " i said smiling 

" ok , see you in a while " liam said then kissed my cheek and let go of my waist 

i got to see him going to his house , he smiled at me and went in .....

 i opened my door's house 

" are you going to stay there for long ? " i said while facing my open door 

" cuz he has left already " i said while turning around to find him looking at me confused

" how did yo.." adam asked

" really !! " i interrupt him , "  i had to put my hands on liam's shoulders to distract him from seeing

you  ! " i continued 

" ok , stop showing off " adam said rolling his eyes 

" come inside " i said smiling .. we went inside , closed the door

" so ? " adam asked

" i have a suspect " i answered

" really wh.." adam said

"but first " i said interrupting him " let me confirm " i continued

adam nodded 

i brought my laptop and start typing 

' liam payne's apartment fire '

a report video show up in the results , i played it , it was a fire in an apartment and fire trucks

around the building ...and the same girl  " mindy " i said 

" who ? " adam asked 

i didn't answer him ...i logged in twitter and typed 'mindy' , i went through the results looking for the

one   " got you " i said quitely

" what ? " adam asked 

i still didn't answer him i kept my eyes focused on the laptop screen , i checked her last tweets

   mindy @luv1D 

" @Real_Liam_Payne i wish it was sophia who had burnt not andy " 

why did she say something like that ?!


* i'm your biggest fan * mindy said 


why would someone try to kill his idol ?! ...wait a second she's not trying to kill liam she's trying to

kill ....

"do you love him ? " adam asked cutting my thoughts 

i looked at him without saying anything ..i don't know what should i say , i love liam but i've always

known that adam has a thing for me , but i don't love him back  ...he started getting closer to me

and  he's about to kiss me , he closed his eyes..his hand is on my cheek and i can feel his breath

on my face

 "yeah , yes " i said looking down ,  he opened his eyes and got away from me

 " sure , you do  " he said faking a smile but i can see tears forming in his eyes 

   *i coughed* 

" i think i know the killer , i'll need you here " i said 

" sure, i'll always be there when you need me " adam said 

" this is the killer , her name is mindy " i said pointing at her twitter profile picture 

" ok , where can i find her ? " adam asked

" no need to , she will find us " i answered...





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