A Brand new outsider (sequel to falling in love with an outsider)

In so little time a lot has changed like the fact that i now have a child on the way, and my best friend is on her way to becoming a singer,relationships have grown and most have broken but i'll always have my best friend,my child and my boyfriend


6. talking to Soda

Belle's P.O.V

i guess i must have started freaking out cause then Pony took me outside and we sat down on the porch and then he said

"don't worry Belle i'm gonna protect you....i love you"

"i.....love you.....to Pony"

then he kissed me and i kissed him back, and then i said

"i hope everything works out with Carrie"

"it will Randy won't even be able to get near her with Soda around and he won't get near you either i promise you that"

then all the guys except Soda came out and then Steve said

"Pony you, and me, and Johnny , and Belle are gonna keep watch out front here, and Two-Bit and Dally, and Darry are gonna watch the back"

"all right thats fine with me"

We all just sat there for a few hours but nothing happened but we weren't gonna stop this easily 


Carrie's P.O.V

i went into the living room and i saw Soda and then i said

"hey babe where is everyone else"

"out front and out back why?"

"i was awake when Belle told you guys about Randy"

"dont worry were gonna protect you"

"i'm gonna go back to him"

"What!!!! No Way are you gonna go back to him especially when your pregnant with my child!!!!!"

"it;s the only way for him to leave everyone alone!!!!!"

"i dont care we'll find another way!!!!"

"well I don't want anyone to get hurt and  i've already decided!!!!"

then i went into the room and started packing my stuff 

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