A Brand new outsider (sequel to falling in love with an outsider)

In so little time a lot has changed like the fact that i now have a child on the way, and my best friend is on her way to becoming a singer,relationships have grown and most have broken but i'll always have my best friend,my child and my boyfriend


21. Girls Night

Carrie's P.O.V

Belle said she was gonna come and pick me up so that we could have a movie night just me and her then i heard the door open and i saw Soda and then he came over to me and he kissed me and he said

"i'm so sorry i've been a jerk i should've just listened to what you had to say i love you Carrie"

"i love you to Soda"

"are you going with Belle tonight"

"yeah were going to the movies"

"okay well come home after okay"


then he kissed me again, and then we sat down and waited for Belle to come and get me


Belle's P.O.V

as soon as i got home i went and took a nap before i went to pick up Carrie, i slept for like 3 or 4 hours and then when i woke up i got changed and then i went to go pick up Carrie.

When i got there i saw Darry and then he came up to me and he said 

"before any one comes out i just had to tell you that i love you Belle"

then he kissed me and he went back inside and then Carrie came out with the help of Soda and then Soda looked at me and said

"you watch after my girls okay"

"will do Soda"

then he kissed Carrie and hugged me and went back inisde, and then me and Carrie went to the movies.

When we got to the movies we sat down and then i said

"Carrie, Dally keeps staring at you"

"i'll be back"

then Carrie went over to Dally, and then Pony walked up and sat beside me.

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