A Brand new outsider (sequel to falling in love with an outsider)

In so little time a lot has changed like the fact that i now have a child on the way, and my best friend is on her way to becoming a singer,relationships have grown and most have broken but i'll always have my best friend,my child and my boyfriend


30. getting out

Belle's P.O.V

*the next day*

i woke up and got dressed and then i went to the hospital early to get a head start and when i got there i went and found DR.Kilpa and then i said

"i'm ready for my first day"

"well your here bright and early"

"yeah i couldn't wait to get started i hope thats okay that i'm early"

"that's fine go get changed and put on a name tag it should all be waiting for you"

"okay thank you doctor Kilpa"

"your welcome"

then i went into a room got changed and was excited to start the day


Carrie's P.O.V

when i woke up i saw that Soda was awake and looking at me and then i said

"how are you feeling Soda"

"i'm feeling a much better then i was last night and the doctor came in and said that i could go home now"

"well then lets go"

then we both got out of the hospital bed and then he went into the bathroom to change into his clothes and then about ten minutes later he came out and then when we got outside we saw Dally 

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