A Brand new outsider (sequel to falling in love with an outsider)

In so little time a lot has changed like the fact that i now have a child on the way, and my best friend is on her way to becoming a singer,relationships have grown and most have broken but i'll always have my best friend,my child and my boyfriend


14. A surprise

Belle's P.O.V

After my concert i was so tired, and i just went straight to the hotel  and fell asleep


Carrie's P.O.V

After Soda got home we went into the room and went to sleep.

*the next day*

Today was my birthday and when i woke up i saw Soda sitting on the bed holding a necklace and then then he said

" Surprise happy birthday babe"

"Soda you didn't have to get me a really expensive necklace"

"i wanted to and it's a locket on one side it has me and you and on the other side will be the baby when he or she is born"

then i said

"when she is born"

"it's a girl"

"yes it's a girl i found out a few days ago"

"that's amazing"

then he kissed me

Belle's P.O.V

when i woke up i called Carrie to say happy birthday and then we ended up talking for an hour and then she told me that she was having a baby girl

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