A Brand new outsider (sequel to falling in love with an outsider)

In so little time a lot has changed like the fact that i now have a child on the way, and my best friend is on her way to becoming a singer,relationships have grown and most have broken but i'll always have my best friend,my child and my boyfriend


24. A Fight

Carrie's POV

Soda helped me out of the car after a silent drive home. He led me in the house and helped me down onto the couch. Denying a proposal is hard work, especially if it's an awkward one. Soda came around and sat down next to me. He turned on the tv and started watching the late show.

My eyes slowly became heavy and before I knew, I was asleep. My daughter was back again. She was still the same golden light. We were in the park, playing on the swing set. I looked to one side of the park and saw Soda. Then I felt like looking to the other side. There was Dally, sitting on the bench, crying.

My daughter started walking over to Soda but I felt like walking to Dally. But I knew I couldn't because I had to be with my daughter. My daughter is slowly becoming my world. Suddenly everything was falling apart. Soda, Dally, and my daughter were gone. I was alone and scared. But my parents appeared and I was back in my old room.

"Carrie wake up. You're having a bad dream."

Soda was over me. He seemed a little concerned but then I knew why. I must have been making a commotion while I was dreaming. Soda leaned in to kiss me but there was a loud bang. I sat up and saw Dally slammed the front door open.

Soda stood up, "Get the Hell out of here, Dally!"

Dally started staggering and his speech was slurred, "No, y-you tooks my girl. You gets out!"

You could tell he was drunk and more mad than a stinging bee. Soda started to take his hand when Dally punched him on the side of the head. Soda came back with another punch to Dally's stomach. The fight was on.

Belle's POV

My slow walk turned into a quick walk. My quick walk turned into a jog. Pony was getting worried. He was yelling at me to stop or at least slow down. But I wasn't going to.

Suddenly, Pony grabbed my arm, "Tell me why you want to get to my house so fast."

I kept jogging, "I have a bad feeling about Carrie. Just hurry up, please!"

We kept jogging along. We passed old couples sitting on the bench, hopped in front of cars, and bumped past a whole bunch of Socs. Why they didn't follow us, I don't know why. We finally got back to his house.

The front door was off it's hinges. I heard glass breaking, skin on skin contact, and a girl screaming. Carrie was screaming.

I ran up to the house and saw Carrie on the couch screaming. Soda and Dally were in the kitchen punching the crap out of each other. On the ground beneath them were the broken shards of the glasses.

"Pony, you help Carrie." I ran over to the boys and put my arms in between them. They still were throwing punches at each other, "Stop! You two, stop!"

I used all of my strength to push Dally back to the sink and Soda to the refrigerator, "Why are you two fighting?"

I could tell Dally was drunk when he spoke, "This-s is-s none of your damn business-s!"

Then I saw and felt Dally punch me in the side of the head. I couldn't regain my balance and fell on some of the glass. I looked up and saw Dally right before I went blank.

All I remember is that he swung his foot back and swung it towards my head. I remember nothing else. 

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