Miss Me, Dallas?

Brianna Wilson has moved to LA. Coincidentally , her best friend from younger age has moved there too. When they meet again, will it be the same?


1. One

I was walking around LA, trying to find a place to sleep for the night. My name is Brianna Wilson, but I go by my middle name, Chase. I've been on my own for a few years now. My mom died when I was seven. I stayed with the Dallas family a lot, but then my best friend moved when I was ten. A month later, my father, of he can be called that, hit the road and left me. Since then, I've been singing on the side of roads, sleeping on park benches, and using my money for clothes when needed, food, and whatever else. I'm fifteen now. I've got a fake ID to get whatever I need. I've been okay over the last six years. I haven't been an angel, but hey, I'm not the only fifteen year old who drinks and smokes. I haven't been able to pay for my weed, so I've been getting cigarettes.

Speaking of which, I needed another pack. I walked into the gas station I was singing by today. "One pack, cheapest you've got." I said. The lady handed em to me, I paid, and left. Well, not before 'accidentally' swiping a pack of peanut butter crackers with me. I walked out and lit up my cigarette. I took a puff when I heard someone say my old name. "Brianna?" I ignored them. "Brianna Wilson!" I turned around and got hugged by some boy. He was definently taller than me. He took a step back and noticed my cigarette. "You've changed a bit, Bri." No one calls me Bri. No one except.. "Miss me, Dallas?" I smirked


I saw her go into the gas station. She looked a little younger than me. I couldn't help but stare. She looked so familiar. I went to unlock my phone. I smiled. My lockscreen is a picture of me and my old best friend, Brianna. I haven't seen her in eight years. I looked at the girl again. The girl walked out again. Wait that couldn't be.. "Brianna? Brianna Wilson!" I called after her. She turned around. It's her. I hugged her. She smells like smoke. "You've changed a bit, Bri." More like a lot. When she was eight, my uncle smoked,and Bri couldn't stand it. "Miss me, Dallas?" She smirked. "Hell yeah! Where do you live? Did you just move?" I asked. Her smirk faltered.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "I live down that alley. Tomorrow I'll live on the park bench. The day after by the dump." She. She's homeless? "No. Today you live with me and my friend Nash. Same thing the day after that. And the day after that." She smiled. A real smile.


Well I guess I have a home. A real home. Don't get your hopes up Chase! Stupid, stupid. You thought your so called dad was gonna take care of you! Nope! Cameron lead me into a nice apartment, where we found two boys walking around shirtless. They have the same piercing blue eyes. Brothers. "Nash, Hayes, this is Bria-" I cut him off. "I actually go by Chase now." I tell him. Nash and Hayes introduce themselves. Nash is the older on, Hayes is the younger. Nash is sixteen, Hayes is fourteen.

"Well Bri, go ahead and get a shower. We can call Mahogany for extra clothes." About five minutes into my shower, I heard the door open. "Umm.. Sorry this is kinda awkward, but I brought some extra clothes. I'm Mahogany. This isn't exactly how I pictured meeting.. " she seems nice. I smile. "Can you just put em on the counter?" I ask. "Of course." She puts them down and leaves.

After my shower, I change into a comfy pair of black really short tight pajama shorts. They're like cheer shorts, but more comfortable. There's also a faded Nirvana t shirt. Plus some new undergarments. I smile and get dressed. I get my hair slightly drier. When I walk out, I see a red headed girl. I assume she's Mahogany. I hug her. "Thank you. You're a life saver." I tell her. She laughs. "I'll be bringing more tomorrow." She says "I love you more now." I laugh.

Soon, she has to leave, and another man and a little girl arrive. The doorbell rings and I answer it. "Hi, sorry we're looking for Cam and Nash's apartment." He says. I let them in. Hayes runs up and hugs the man. "Will!" He shouts. The little girl looks at me. "Who are you?" She asks. "I'm a friend of Cam's." I laugh. "Oh. I was hoping you're Nashy's girlfriend." I laughed harder. I played 'horsies' with her for a bit, then they had to go. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Bye Bri Bri! I love you!" She shouts. "Love you too Sky!" I say.

Cam looks at me. "Aww Bri's got a soft spot with kids." He smirks. "Oh shut up.." I mutter. Everyone laughs and I smile. "Just Sky. She's freaking adorable. Plus, I've always wanted siblings." I say. "Nash, your sister is mine now." I tell him seriously. He starts to object, but I shoot him a death glare. He puts his hands up and mockingly stares, "I wasn't saying anything! I was.. Talking to myself.." His voice trails off and I smirk. "I. Always. Win." I say, jabbing him in the chest with every syllable. We laugh, and I yawn. "Cam, where am I sleeping?" I ask. "We've got a spare bedroom, that is now yours." Nash answers instead. I hold my arms up. "Camcam I'm tired. Will you carry me?" He laughs and picks me up bridal style. He carries me to the bedroom and tucks me in like he used to, when we were kids. "Night Bri." He walks out and idea the door, leaving me to sleep.


I wake up tangled in the blankets, panting, and crying. "Bri, you're okay. You're okay." Cam holds my hand and lets me cry. When did he get here? "Are you still having the nightmares?" He asks. I nod and he climbs in next to me in the queen sized bed. "Hey, I'm here. I'll protect you, alright?" I nod and snuggle in close to him. He's always been here for me. He's the cure for the nightmares.


*click* A camera sounds, and I open my eyes groggily: there's a bunch of different guys here, besides Nash. They're taking pictures of me and Cam. "What the hell? Nash. Get them the fuck out." I order. "Yes ma'am." He nods and ushers them all out of the room. I poke Cam's cheek. "Cam.." He wakes up. "I'm hungry." He laughs. This is how I used to wake him up. He laughs and gets up. I hold out my hands, and he pulls me up to. We walk out and see the boys again. "Who the fuck are they?" I gesture to them. Cam points to each one, and I learn their names. "Now who the fuck are you?" Asks the boy named Taylor. "I'm Chase. Chase Wilson." They nod. Soon, the door opens again, and in walks Mahogany, Hayes, and Sky. "They wanted to come too." She smiles. "Bri Bri!" Skylynn runs to me with open arms, and I pick her up and swing her around. "Hey! What about us?" Exclaims Jack G. "Nope. I like Bri the best." She snaps her fingers in a z, and we all laugh. She's the sass master.

I put her down to hug Mahogany. She hands me a trash bag with clothes. "Are you giving these to me?" I ask in shock. She smiles and nods. "I have a lot of clothes. I can spare a few bags. I'll -" she's cut off by Jacob. "You can say that again!" He says. We all chuckle as she playfully swats him. "As I was saying, I'll be back tomorrow with more clothes." She smiles and I hug her. "Oh my god, I love you more than Cam." I say. "Nooo! I've been replaced!" Yells Cam. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. "Say you love me more!" He yells. "Sky help!!!" I shriek. She walks up and punches his leg. "Bad Cameron!" She shouts at the top of her lungs. He laughs and puts me down. I pick her up and kiss her cheek. "Sky is my ultimate fave." I state. She smiles and everyone laughs. Hmm.. I kinda like it here..

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