Toph of the Desert

Naruto/A:TLA. Toph Beifong wakes up in [Naruto's world] and she has no idea where to go. She wanders around for a while and, after a while, finds herself in the Village Hidden in the Sand. The Kazekage, Gaara of the Desert, offers her sanctuary for a while. What happens? Read to find out!


4. Three



"So," Gaara sighed. "How did you do it?"

"You're going to have to be a little more specific." I replied. I put my hands behind my head and leant back in the chair. Comfy chair, too.

"How did you beat the five Shinobi I had guarding the main entrance?"

"What the hell is a Shi-nobi?"

Gaara was silent. Well, how was I supposed to know what a Shinobi thing was anyway? I'd never even heard of the word!

"The guards that you knocked out."

"Oh. Them." I rolled my eyes. Some guards they were. "Sandbending."

"What's sandbending?"

I froze. The two front legs of my chair fell to Earth - or whatever this place was - with a clunk. "You don't know what sandbending is?" I asked him, paralysed. "Come on, you must have heard of it. You're a sandbender!"

Gaara sat down on a chair behind a desk. "Define a sandbender, then."

I groaned. Where the freaking hell was I? "It's exactly what it sounds like. Bending is... manipulating an element to that person's will. You bend sand, I felt it earlier."

"Felt it?"

"I feel vibrations in the ground." I explained. "Buddy, I felt sand fall from the air near you. Unless it was the other guy with a bad attitude - which I doubt it was - you're a sandbender. Don't tell me you didn't know that."

And then - what do ya know - the guy with a bad attitude walked in.

"Who's the one with a bad attitude?" he asked.

"Well, seeing as you're the one wearing an outfit that seems like a dog, it's you."

"Why you little -"

"Kankuro," Garra cut in. "Miss Bei Fong, that's enough." Wait a sec, did he just call me MISS Bei Fong? Wow, that's new. I've only ever been Toph, The Blind Bandit or Sifu Toph. But Miss? Definitely not my style.

"Well, excuse me," I said. "Do I seem like a Miss to you? You may think you're being polite, or whatever your version of polite is, but I am not a Miss. Do I seem delicate? Actually, no, I'll answer that for you. No. I am not Miss. I am Toph. I am Sifu. I am the fricken Runaway."

Gaara didn't answer me. He addressed the other guy. Y'know, the one with the stupidly long name. "What is it, Kankuro?"

"The Leaf Shinobi have arrived." Kankuro told him, gritting his teeth. I felt Gaara nod. Kankuro left. He turned to me.

"We have a room for you." He said.

I stood up and gave him a mock bow. "Yes, mum. I'll just go to my room and stop bothering you. You can stay here and do all your grown-up things." I smirked.

Gaara was silent. No sense of humor whatsoever. Huh. What a boring guy. But I'm sure I felt Kankuro's mouth twitch slightly.

I followed one of Gaara's minions out into the hallway. He took a left and indicated that I follow him. I felt vibrations all along the hall. There were two behind us. One a long way away and four heading right for us.

"So why DID we have to come all of a sudden?" I heard a male voice ask.

"Gaara summoned us here." An older male replied. Summoned? Who does he think he IS? The fricken KING?

"Yeah, but why now?" Another boy asked. "Is it such a good time?"

"Sai, Naruto, enough." a girl butted in. "Just trust Milady. She is the Hokage, after all." HOkage, this time? What is it with these people and... kage-things?

Then they were close enough to be right in front of us. They all fell silent as they saw me. I didn't turn my head toward them, or even acknowledge them in the slightest. But I felt their hearts race with confusion. Apparently I looked out of place.

"Who was she?" the first boy asked in a hushed tone.

"I don't know." The older male said, confusion in his voice. "But she doesn't look like a Shinobi of any kind."

What was with these people???

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