Toph of the Desert

Naruto/A:TLA. Toph Beifong wakes up in [Naruto's world] and she has no idea where to go. She wanders around for a while and, after a while, finds herself in the Village Hidden in the Sand. The Kazekage, Gaara of the Desert, offers her sanctuary for a while. What happens? Read to find out!


2. One


I woke up sitting up against a tree. I yawned and stretched my arms out. I honestly couldn’t tell where I was. Obviously I couldn’t see anything, and the only vibrations I felt seemed to be leaves blowing across the ground in the breeze. I slid my foot around a little to see if I could feel anything big. Nothing. So I stood up and walked a ways. I figured I was in a forest, the amount of trees there were around.

After a while I came to the edge of the forest, and there was… sand. And a lot of it. I raised some rock and sat down on it. I thought about what to do. I could stay in the forest and eat who-knows-what until someone finds me or I could go out in the desert and get caught in sandstorms with no food or water and possibly die out there. I grinned. What’s a life without adventure? It all seems to have worn off since me, Aang and the rest of the group saved the world from the Phoenix-King-of-getting-his-butt-whooped. It had been four years already. (I remembered myself as a twelve-year-old, teaching Aang earthbending…) So I stood up again and walked out into the sand. My vision blurred just a little, but my sandbending helped the situation.

Seeing as that desert went on forever, I’ll save you the trouble of telling it all. I will tell you that I walked in a straight line for a day and a half, though. And that I got caught in a sandstorm that only lasted for about ten minutes. Pathetic little sandstorm.

I’ll skip to where I felt earth. There was a lot, too. I quickened my pace and walked towards it. It didn’t take long. I used sandbending to speed my travel up a little. Soon enough, I was right in front of it. I felt a lot of people faintly. It was like an entire village was hidden in the sand! Hang on… it was a village. Weird. (But at least it wasn't buried in ash, That was plain creepy)

“Hold it!” I heard a man shout. Then I felt five men surround me, and the clink of metal. “Who are you?”

“Who are you?” I asked them. I felt them draw closer.

“Which village are you from?” A woman asked me.

“What are you talking about?” By then I was very confused. They were closing in, one step at a time. “Don’t come any closer!” I warned them. I readied myself to bend the sand around me.

“State your name!” another woman told me.

Settle down, cranky pants! “Who wants to know?”

A man interrupted. “We are the Shinobi of the Hidden Sand village. What is your business here?”

Not being bossed around? “I got lost.” Silence.

“You’ll have to come with us.” The first man said. I nodded slightly. They formed a formation around me: two in front, one behind and one on either side. They started walking and the one behind me pushed my shoulder.

“Get off me!” I said, and then I had a thought.

Why not shake things up a little? I bended the sand towards her and she went flying behind me, and the two on my sides grabbed my arms. I stamped my foot and sand shot up and pulled them away. The two in front of me had barely turned around and I heard the clinking of metal again. I twisted my foot and sand rooted them where they were. Then sand shot up and hit them in the head.

I had no idea where I was, but that was fun.

I cracked my knuckles, waiting for them to fight back.

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