My Soccer Girl *before the fame*

Izzy (Isabel) is a new girl and she is really good at soccer
And all the guys like her but Niall likes to play it cool. And hides it since he has a girlfriend but don't worry. The gf is a bitch. It won't last long. I promise. XD ok well enjoy!


1. school

(Niall's pov:)


I wake up and get into the shower. I finish and get some clothes on and head down stairs to get some breakfast. I quickly finish and brush my teeth then putting my hair into its usual quiff. I run out of my flat and jump into my car quickly driving myself to school.

I get to my locker just as the first bell rings warning us we have 5 minutes left. I quickly shoved everything into my locker and grabbed the things needed. I sat right next to my girlfriend Allison and we chatted for a bit. "So Ni, I'm having a party over at my place and my parents are out of town for the week. You better be there! Only the coolest people are coming. Your lucky I'm dating you or else you would be stuck with your lame little group of dorks and have no social life." She says while applying some MORE makeup. "Umm...yeah o-okay." I'm a little offended by her.

Class ended and I went off to math. Luckily Allison wasn't in that class and my mates were. "Hey!" I say getting their attention. "Hey Niall!" They all say. "So did you guys see the new girl on the football field? She looks like a dork but she's a pretty hot one. I think she's a year younger than us but she is going to be joining our team!" Louis exclaims and explains the whole thing to us.

-skip the rest of day.

We get to soccer practice and you can see a big group of boys by the goal. We walk over to see what's happened and turns out they are all surrounding a girl. That must be our new team mate. God Louis was right. She is hot! She is blonde and has purple braces with grayish eyes and little bits of freckles. "Hi I'm Louis and this is Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn." She smiles at me and waves to the other boys. "Hey, my names Isabel but you can call me Izzy." She says in a American accent. "Any way that your from America?" I ask her and she smiles again. "Actually yeah. I'm from Orlando, Florida and my parents let me move out here by myself. I'm currently living in my own apartment or I guess flat is what you would call it." She explains. "Well it's great to have you on our team!" I say back with a smile. "Niall!" My couch yells. I run over "hey so I'm gonna need you to show her around for a few weeks and she's gonna have to share a locker with you for a few days too. You seem like the most responsible one on the team." He finished and I nod and he pats my back as a thank you. I walk back over and tell Izzy everything I just found out and she smiles and nods. I'm actually really excited like my whole body could just be smiling right now.

We chatted for a bit and turns out that she is actually living at one of the flat connected to mine so I offered to take her home. "I must warn you though. I will also be taking the guys to my flat too. Your welcome to come over tonight in you want we are just hanging out since it's a Friday." "That sounds cool. Count me in." She says and after practice we all walk to my car and I drive everyone home.

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