It all started the night Courtney's dress got ruined. After Liam's sympathetic apologies him and Courtney are forced to hide away in the back room of the Jump Up club due to wild fans spotting Liam. While Liam's touring Australia along with his bandmates, he doesn't realise that the girl who's dress he ruined could take his heart. There's many bumps along the road of their relationship and scandals everywhere, but in the end will Liam and Courtney end up together? Find out by reading the fan fiction, How.


6. Chapter 6

We get out of the hummer and Harry puts his arm around me. Liam can see what Harry's doing and Liam gives me a smile.

We walk through the barriers and catch the others along the way.

Lou is carrying Lux and Lou's other hand is grabbed onto mine.

I grab her hand back and for a second treat her like Emma, Sophie or one of my other friends. We old hands in a 'friends' way all the time, just like Lou and me now.

Harry's arm is still wrapped around me and Lou's hand is still attached to mine.

We walk through the crowds as some scream, some cry and others give me filthy looks. I can hear some of them saying "who's she" as I walk past.

We get to the end of the barriers and enter a small room off the side of circular quay. The door shuts and suddenly everything goes quiet.

"Sound proof walls" Niall says.

"I like it" Louis adds.

"Alright, welcome one direction and fellow team members, I'm Scott the ambassador of circular quay" he says.

We all say hello to him.

"Now, you will come out this door and follow the barriers until you reach the zoo and aquarium stop. We have closed the zoo and aquarium for today so you all have it to yourselves" he tells us.

We thank him.

He points to the door and we walk out there. Harry still has his arm around me, but Lou is feeding Lux her bottle so I'm no lounger join handed with her.

We walk out of the door and are back into the noisy streets of circular quay.

I look over at Liam and he is waking with Niall and they're making jokes I one another while waving to the crowd.

"Getting use to it yet?" Harry says pulling his head close to mine whispering into my ear so I can hear him.

"I'm getting there, but it's still overwhelming" I say to Harry.

Harry moves his arm off me and gets his phone from his pocket. As he get out his phone I remember that I left my phone in the hotel room.

Harry begins to film the crowds as we walk and Liam heads over to me.

"You look scared, are you alright?" He says putting his arm around me.

I don't know why, but I feel safer with his arm around me.

"Yes, I'm fine now" I say with a smile.

What the hell Courtney, why did you say that my conscious says to me inside my head.

Liam pulls me in closer towards him and we enter the zoo.

"First zoo, second aquarium?" Paul says to all of us. We all agree and enter the zoo.

This is the first time in my life I've entered this place without paying. Whenever I came with my family, we had to pay hundreds for all of us to get in.

We go through the tunnel of the zoo and go see the koalas first.

We walk around and see many of the animals. As we go back to the koala encounter the wildlife workers call us over and get some of the koalas out.

They hand some of the koalas to us and I'm lucky enough to be able to hold one.

"Say cheese" Liam says as he gets out his phone and takes a photo of me.

Liam's POV:

I hope she doesn't find me weird taking photos of her, but she looks so sweet with that koala.

I shake my head in unison as I find myself talking about her in a way that my mind tells me I have feelings for her.

I've never fallen for someone so quickly before, but Courtney, see different.

I take another sneaky photo of her before she gives the koala back to the wildlife keeper.

Courtney's POV:

That koala was adorable and little Lux looked so cute holding it.

I give Lux a smile as I see her unattach from her mothers leg and come my way.

"Hi" she says softy.

"Hello Lux" I say to her and bend down to get on her level.

"What's your name" she stumbles out trying to find her words.

"I'm Courtney" I say to her grabbing her hand.

"How old are you?" I ask her in a polite way how I usually talk I little kids.

I'm good with kids I must admit, I love little kids.

"I'm two" she says holding four fingers up.

I place two of her fingers down and now she has the correct amount of fingers up.

"You can pick her up love, saves me" Lou says smiling at me and beginning to walk to the exit of the zoo.

I pick Lux up and she pokes my cheek.

"How old are you?" Lux asks me. Obviously repeating the question I asked her.

"I'm twenty one" I say playing with her soft blonde locks.

Liam comes towards us and tickles Lux's stomach and makes a roar sound.

Lux giggles and squirms in my arms.

"Uncle Liam is meanie" she says digging her head into my shoulder.

"What did you say about me?" Liam says playing with her hair.

"So, you're twenty one, hey?" Liam asks me.

"Man, your ears don't miss a thing." I say to him sarcastically.

"I guess not" he jokes.

"But yes, I am twenty one"

"Oh cool, do you know how old I am?" He asks.

"I don't actually" I say looking at lux as I feel awkward not knowing Liam's age. Many people would kill me right now if they knew I didn't know Liam's age. But I'm not a fan, so...

"I'm nineteen." Liam says.

"What?" I ask him. "You look older, not in a bad way."

"I'm just kidding, I'm thirty." He says.

"Liam" I say, knowing he isn't thirty.

"He's twenty two" Gemma says walking past and scolding Liam's arm.

"Oh" I say grinning at him. Lux begins to start playing with my cheek and then my hair.

"You pwetty" lux says. Pronouncing the 'r' as a 'w'.

"Thank you gorgeous, you're a little cutie." I reply to her rubbing her cheek.

"But she can be a little devil at times, can't you" Liam says tickling her stomach again.

"No!" Lux screams and hits Liam.

"My point exactly" Liam says, tugging at Lux's leg.

I laugh. Liam's good with Lux.

We enter the aquarium and Lou takes a photo of Lux and me infront of the turtle aquarium.

Lux goes back to her mum as we walk up some stairs and into the shark tank encounter.

There's railings covering the encounter and they're high enough to stop people if they fall, but if someone lifts you up you could easily be the height to fall in.

I look closely towards the encounter and lean forwards.

Harry comes up behind me and lifts me up.

I scream as it's my instant reaction and slap him.

"Sorry" I say as he lifts me down.

"Fiesty aren't you" he says laughing at me.

"You don't slap hard anyway" he says nudging my arm.

He puts his arm back around me and lifts up his phone.

Harry pulls a face and I can see him, myself and the shark encounter with a few fins in the water in the reflection of his phone.

I poke my tongue out and he takes a photo.

Lux comes back to me and grabs my leg. Harry picks her up and puts her on his shoulders.

"Wanna go in with the sharks" Harry says walking towards the encounter.

Lux squeals and squirms while giggling as Harry pretends to throw her in.

She claps her hands and plays with Harry's hair.

By the looks of it, she looks like she's going to be a hairdresser like her mum the way she's playing with Harry's hair.

We exit the aquarium and are guided by the security into the ferry stop. We must be catching a ferry to somewhere.

I see a sign saying Milsons point and know where we're heading. Luna park.

I go to Luna park all the time, probably once every few months with Emma.

We get on the ferry and stand up at the front of the boat.

As the engine starts my hair ruffles in the wind and I can feel Liam behind me. He places his arm around me and his hair ruffles in the wind too.

"What time will your parents be back tonight?" Liam asks me.

"Seven or eightish" I say to him.

"Well, we have a concert tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come, well come backstage with us" he says.

I love concerts, I haven't been to one in a few years.

"I would love to!" I say to Liam grabbing his hand.

I realise where my hand is and it's attached to Liam's.

As I go to move my hand he clenches his hand onto mine and I get electric shocks through my body. Although it's only hand touching, I still feel like we have a connection.

The ferry stops and we all get off. The sun is shining in our eyes and I can smell the salty ocean now especially as we get off the ferry and away from the smell of petrol from the ferry's engine.

We enter Luna park and I stop everyone.

"We have to get a photo!" I say.

It's a tradition of mine and I explain that to everyone.

The workers at Luna park offer to take the photo and all stand under the Luna park sign.

"I can't fit you all in" the worker says.

"Go on each other's shoulders and along the ground" she says almost dropping the camera.

"Do you mind?" Liam says bending down for me to get on his shoulders.

"not at all" I say and climb on his shoulders.

I'm on Liam's shoulders, Lux is on Harry's head while her mum is on Harry's shoulders, Niall and Zayn are on Paul's and another security's shoulders and Gemma is on Louis'. The rest of the security crouch on the floor and pose as the photo gets taken.

We enter Luna park and see more barriers as there are more fans here.

I knew Sydney was very over populated, but I feel as if the whole of Sydney is here today. I laugh to myself.

We go into big top, the big room that has a balcony and stand on the balcony.

Some of the others film the crowds as we all wave and smile.

Liam goes inside as he takes out his phone.

Harry follows him.

I don't know what's happening so I decide to follow too.

They both look at each other with a sad pout on their faces and then they see me.

They lock their phones and come towards me and fake smile.

"What's going on?" I ask them with a confused look.

"It's nothing" Harry says.

"Yeah" Liam says and puts his hand on my arm.

"I know you're lying, what is it?" I ask them once more.

Liam gets out his phone and opens twitter. He shows me a few tweets.

*liam and Harry who on earth was that girl*

*first harry tweets her and now she's apart of your crew*

*whos that horrible girl*

*shes not either of your new girlfriend now*

I read the tweets and scroll down Liam's page seeing hurtful tweets about me.

"Can I borrow this for a sec?" I ask Liam and log onto my twitter account.

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