It all started the night Courtney's dress got ruined. After Liam's sympathetic apologies him and Courtney are forced to hide away in the back room of the Jump Up club due to wild fans spotting Liam. While Liam's touring Australia along with his bandmates, he doesn't realise that the girl who's dress he ruined could take his heart. There's many bumps along the road of their relationship and scandals everywhere, but in the end will Liam and Courtney end up together? Find out by reading the fan fiction, How.


5. Chapter 5

"Courtney, I'm sorry I should've shut the door." Liam says grabbing my arm.

"I'm sorry" I say looking away from Liam as I can't look him in the eyes and I'll seem like a creep if I look at his chest.

He does have a good body though, oh stop it Courtney I say in my head.

"It's alright, it's not as if I was completely naked." Liam says laughing.

He can always find a way to laugh in serious situations.

Liam has his shirt in his hand and pulls it over his head. He's wearing a tight, white shirt and black jeans.

It's autumn here at the moment and today it's rather cold.

"You can use the bathroom now." Liam says and I thank him before walking into the bathroom.

I change into my new outfit and fold the pyjamas I have just worn. I put my tangled hair to the side of my shoulder hoping to find a brush somewhere.

As I finish getting ready there is a knock at the open door in Liam's room.

"Room service" a lady calls.

I go out and wave me hand telling her to come in.

She places the food on the table and leaves with a smile.

"Thank you" I say to her before she leaves.

Liam comes back into the room and sits down infront of me.

"Liam, after this I will get out if your way" I tell him taking a bite of my croissant.

"No, please stay it's fine you're not intruding we were just going to tour Sydney today, you could show us some places." He says to me with a smile.

"Are you sure" I say to him with a serious look on my face.

"Positive" he says and begins to laugh.

"What?" I say to him concerned why he is laughing.

"You have a little something" he says and touches my cheek softly with his hand. Great, food on my face like always, I'm such a messy water.

"Thanks, I was saving some for later" I say to Liam with a cheeky laugh. I always say that saying whoever people catch me with food on my face.

I begin to daydream of Liam coming up to me and kissing my cheek taking the food away with his tongue.

"You alright?" Liam says as I shake away from my daydream. I feel my cheeks blush, I was fanaticising about Liam.

"Yeah" I say with a smile. We finish our food and head back to the dressing room.

Everyone is all dressed and doing heir hair or getting they're hair done.

"Courtney!" Gemma says coming my way.

"Lou, let's do her hair and makeup!" Gemma says with a big smile and I can see her hair and makeup has been freshly done.

"Yes, let's" Lou says with excitement taking my hand and taking me into the next room.

Liam's POV:

I don't know what it is, there's something about her. She is entertaining and I feel different around her.

I haven't had feelings for someone in a while now, but I don't know what I feel for Courtney.

I only met her last night, maybe it's just in my head. I don't know, I do feel something with her.

Courtney's POV:

Lou and Gemma sit me down on a chair and Gemma gets all makeup and hair accessories out.

Lou begins to style my hair with her straightener and Gemma begins putting base cream and primer on my face.

"By the way love, how old are you?" Lou asks.

"Oh, I'm twenty one, almost twenty two. I'll be twenty two in about two month" I say with a soft smile.

"Oh, you little young one" Gemma says with a wink.

"How old are you?" I ask Gemma.

"Twenty four" she says.

"Oh cool" I reply. Not knowing what I say.

"How old do you think I am?" Lou asks looking at Gemma with a grin, then back to me."

"Uhh, twenty five?" I ask her.

"Twenty nine actually" she replied.

"You don't look it" I reply.

"Yeah, without all my hair and makeup I do" she says laughing.

"You don't look it, trust me." I say and mean it.

Before I know it, Gemma and Lou have done my hair and makeup. My hair is straightened with it shaped around my face, it look dead straight and better than I could ever straighten it myself. I have a calm tone on my face and my eyes stand out.

"I love that dark eye shadow on you" Gemma says.

"So do I, it makes your eyes stand out." Lou says.

I thank them and look in the mirror. I have a calm lipstick on.

"You either have eyes or lips that stand out, never both" Lou says.

I agree with her. "Thank you again, so much" I say putting my hands on their hands in a friendly way.

"Ready to go boys?" I hear a voice say and it sounds like Paul's.

We go back into the dressing room and find Paul along with many other security.

There's about seven of them.

We all head out into the lobby area and wait for a lift. As all 16 of us can't fit in one lift we make three stops to get us all down there.

Once we area all down there the security crowd around us and we begin to walk outside.

My ears pop and tingle as I look around and see the thousands of girls. They're screaming their heads off and most of them crying. I notice everyone waving at them, but I feel too shy to wave.

"It's fine, you can wave" Lou says to me as she can see my hand half up. I stick me hand up and wave a couple of times before we are past most of the girls.

The crowds are secured behind barriers and there's other security plus police keeping them behind those barriers.

We head towards a carpark where four black hummers await.

The security break us up and I'm placed into the hummer with Liam, Harry and Paul along with the driver.

We get in and I'm in the middle of Liam and Harry. Their aftershave scent fills the car and I can feel my cheeks blush as their shoulders are tightly touching mine.

We follow the other hummers that have the rest of the others in them.

"Overwhelming?" Harry says staring at me with a smile. I think he can tell that I'm slightly frightened by all that just happened.

"Yes, how do you guys act so natural" I ask Harry and Liam both.

"We get use to it" they both answer at the same time and laugh as they realise they just spoke at the same time.

"Punch buggy" Harry says punching the driver, Paul, Liam and I.

"Sorry." Harry says as all of us laugh.

"Spotto" I hit Harry's arm as revenge as I spot a yellow car.

"What's Spotto?" Liam asks me.

"You don't know what Spotto is!" I say amazed.

"Spotto is whenever you see a yellow-" I say as I am interrupted.

"Spotto" Liam says hitting my leg.

"There's no yellow car" I say.

"Oh I thought it was anything yellow." Liam said with a laugh.

"Well, if you would've let me finish" I say with a laugh. I finish telling them how to play Spotto and we play it in the back of the hummer until we reach our destination.

We reach a large area also known as circular quay. It's packed with more fans and there's more barriers.

I don't know why, but I haven't even known Harry and Liam for a day yet and I already feel as if I've known them for years.

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