Lover (ashton irwin fanfiction)


4. chapter 4

(Ashley's pov)

After Calum was talking in a different accent and finished our laughing fits, we walked to the counter and James payed for his stuff that he brought.

We walked out of Kmart with me and Ashton holding hands. I can't believe we are together like that was my first kiss and he is my first real boyfriend. It's something about Ashton but I can't put my finger on it.

Next the boys pulled us into the vans shop. Ashton said that he'll pay for what I get. He's soo sweet.

I found these cute pair of vans of one direction. They were soo damn cute but not as cute as Ashton. Then Ashton found a pair of them and he showed me.

"Now that's cute!" I say and Ashton laughed.

"They are aren't they" Ashton said and I just nodded.

I got blue, pink, purple, green, black and white pairs of vans too but then Luke found a pair of batman that I love.

"Do you want me to pay for these for you?" Luke asked.

"Ask Ashton not me" I say giggling. He laughed and asked Ashton.

"Whatever but you can't have her! She's mine!" Ashton growled and just giggled.

"Yes sir!" Luke says like a solider. Us 3 started having a laughing fit and everyone looked at us like we were cray cray.

Ashton comes up to me and gives me a kiss. The boys awed at us which made us laugh.

"Your mine. Never forget that!" Ashton said and kissed me on the forehead.

Ashton and Luke payed for my shoes and we all walked out. James and Michael went somewhere and Calum was right behind us.

"Forgetting about someone?" Calum said in his accent but it wasn't funny anymore.

"No we didn't you weren't joining in the fun!" I say with my sass.

"Don't give me that sass I hate sass!" Calum said sadly.

"Awh I'm sorry Com 'mere" I said and gave him a hug. Ashton got jealous so I walked up to Ashton and gave him a kiss.

"Better?" I asked.

"Better" Ashton says which made Calum and Luke laugh.

"So you two now are a couple?" Luke asked. Me and Ashton shook our heads and said yes at the same time.

"Well we are going to get some lunch now and no you two can't come" Ashton said and the boys groaned.

After that we went to nandos for lunch. I ordered chicken without spice on it because I throw up really easy.

After we finished lunch we went for a walk around the mall for some stupid reason then I found my old boyfriend so I turned to Ashton and kissed him until my ex walked past.

After he walked away I pulled apart from Ashton.

"What was that for and why'd you stop?" Ashton asks.

"My ex boyfriend just walked by so I had to make myself look busy so I kissed you" I said with my head down.

"Why did he break up with a smoking girl just like you?" Ashton asked

"Dunno we only dated for one day. I can tell you he was an idiot!" I say/yell. He just laughs.

"Anyways let's go to boo hoo and get you some clothes" Ashton says changing the subject.

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