Lover (ashton irwin fanfiction)


11. chapter 11 ☺️☺️

Ashton's pov

I'm feeling really excited today! I'm taking Ashley out for lunch and all my lads are coming. Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Calum, Michael, Luke and James. We are all going to nandos because Niall is planning it. Probably should not let him decide but whatever.

"Good morning Ashley plashley you go get ready because we have an exciting day ahead of us" I say really excited.

"Someone seems happy" Ashley smiled.

"Sure are" I laughed.

"CHOP CHOP!" I snap pushing her out of bed.

"Ow! Big meanie!" I whines.

"Come on or we will be late!" I snap again and she runs into the closet.

Ashley's pov

He seems to excited to push me out of bed.

I grab a white loose dress and white sandals. I walk out and hear Ashton whistle.

"Stop it! My bum still hurts from when you pushed me off!" I snap and he shuts up.

I walk into the bathroom and curl my hair and put light makeup on.

I walk out and check my phone.

"Ok let's go!" Ashton says grabbing my hand and dragging me downstairs.

"Let's go everyone!!" Ashton yells while walking out the door still holding my hand.

"Where are we going!?" I whine but not really wanting to know where we are going.

"Lunch" Ashton smiled hiding something.

"What are you hiding irwin?" I say laughing.

"We are going to have lunch with your brother and the lads" he smiles at me but still hiding something.

"Then if we were just having lunch with the lads and my brother, why did you push me off the bed?" I rise my eyebrows.

"Because I wanted to have lunch now because I was hungry" he smiled keeping his eyes on the road.

"Whatever" I sighed and look out the window.

Soon we went up at nandos with screaming girls outside.

"Why do they who were here?" I asked.

"Because they might want to meet my new amazing girlfriend" Ashton kissed me on the nose.

"Awh your so sweet" I smile and kiss him no the cheek.

Ashton's pov

The reason why the girls are there screaming their heads off is because one direction are in there. I know how Ashley loves one direction so I thought might as well get her to meet them real life.

I walk over to Ashley's side and open the door for her.

"Thanks babe" she smiles and kisses me on the cheek.

"Anytime for my princess" I laugh kissing her on the nose.

"Awh" she says.

We walk into nandos without being mobbed by directioners. Which was awesome.

"Oh my gosh is that one direction! Like THEE ONE DIRECTION?" She yells and the boys look at us like 'oh no not another fan'.

"Yes babe it is" I laugh at her reaction and go sit down with them.

Ashley's pov

"Wazz up lads" Louis says while giving the boys hugs.

"Nothing much. Shopping with my new amazayn and beautiful girlfriend" Ashton smiles and kisses me.

"Awh thank you Prince Charming" I laugh and hug him.

"By the way I'm Ashley Barker and this is my brother James the dumbass" I laugh hugging the boys.

"Hey that's not fair" James whines.

"Well you were acting dumb yesterday yelling your head off at mum" I argue with James.

"Babe calm down" Ashton calms me down.

"We thought you were going to scream and try and take photos of us and fangirl" Harry laughed. Which made us all laugh.

"Well I'm not like that. I only ask for a photo and talk to awesome famous boybands like you's" I laugh.

"You look quite nice and smell very nice" Louis smiled.

"Thank you haha" I laughed.

"So what's it like being famous?" I ask curious.

"Well it can be annoying from the fans mobbing us and people sending us hate but other then that it's awesome! You also get free food!" Niall said like a child which made all of us laugh our butts off.

"What's it like living at your place?" Zayn asked.

"Really? Well when mum is over my brother sometimes argued with her about me, we have a maid to clean our house and we can have big parties. So I guess you can say good" I smile.

"Awesome! I want to live there!" Louis yelled and I laughed.

"Also if you live there you have to go shopping with me once every two days" I smiled.

"Yep that's sure true" Ashton laughed.

"I LOVE SHOPPING!" Louis yells like a girl. Typical Louis.

"I know you do by the way I like know everything about you's I've been a fan since you's first went on X factor" I say shyly.

"Sweet so you know that I'm getting married and what date?" Zayn asked.

"Yep I'm like the biggest fan ever! Louis and Eleanor are a cute couple" I smiled proudly.

"Thanks love" Louis smiled.

"But I don't know how she can put up with you because your like a 6 year old" I laughed.

"To be exact we don't know either" the boys laughed.

"I'm not 6 I'm 2" Louis poked his tongue out at me.

"Sorry baby bear" I sassed.

"Hey no one sasses but me" Louis sassed at me.

"Ok stop sassing I hate it!" Calum yells.

"Sorry uncle cal" I say like a little baby and hug him.

"Awh cute!" The boys say.

"She does this to me all the time" Calum says but he smiled when I said uncle cal.

"Only the way you said uncle cal was cute" Calum smiled and hugged me back.

I sit back on Ashton lap and he starts making out with my bloody shoulder.

"Ashton stop it! It tickles" I whine but Ashton doesn't stop.

"Get a room!" Niall laughs. His laugh is so cute! But Ashton's laugh is much more cuter.

"We are in a room!" I sassed. "Sorry uncle cal" I say to Calum.

"Lucky" Calum laughed.

"But seriously Ashton stop it" I keep whining.

"Never!" Ashton whispers in my ear.

I turn around and passionately kiss Ashton so he will stop making out with my shoulder.

"Hey no doing that crap in public or you'll be on the news" Calum snaps.

"I don't care" Ashton mumbled.

"Ok Ashton now stop" I snap at him and it made him do the puppy eyes.

"Sorry but it won't work on me right now. Maybe when we get home" I sigh.

"But. But-""no buts" I say.

"But I love my butt" Louis whines.

"Very funny Tomlinson" I laughed. "I also think everyone loves that butt". Everyone laughed at me.

"Why thank you butt lover" Louis laughed.

I turned around because Ashton was annoying me. I gave him a quick kiss. "That's the last one now stop scratching my neck" I whispered and laughed.

"Agh" Ashton sighed.

"Well we are going to go because this little kiss lover wants to go home" I say hugging the boys.

The boys gave me their number and we said our goodbyes and went to the car.

Of course the lads and my brother say but Ashton just wants to make out with my face haha. True though.

"Now can I eat you?" Ashton smirked.

"No not yet! We are in the car with people around us" sighed.

"Aw man" Ashton slams his door and drives us home.

*at home*

Ok upstairs!" Ashton yells and running up the stairs like some teenage girl got a phone call from someone she loves.

"You girl!" I yelled.

I grab some water and quickly drink before Ashton comes back down and drags me upstairs. I run upstairs and into my room.

"I've been waiting" Ashton says laying across the bed like he was going to have bangers with someone.

"We ain't banging!" I yell.

"Who said we are?" Ashton asked like he was in a love mood.

"You look like it because you are only in your boxers" I scaredly say.

I swear I've never been this scared in my life.

"It's hot because you made me hot" Ashton smirked.

"No! Only kissing that's all!" I snap.

"But baby I know your scared but I think your ready" Ashton whispers walking up to me.

"I don't know like the boys could be home any second" I whisper and hug him.

"Fine only kissing. But do you promise me we will be forever and ever?" Ashton asked.

"Forever!" I whisper and we start kissing passionately.

"Your lips are so soft, like a fluffy kitten" Ashton whispers. He's so cute when he is like this.

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