A story to remember

It's about a girl whose parents separated when she was 7 and from then she was living with her mother but her life changed when she has to move from India to London to live with her dad, step mom and stepbrother after her mother's death from cancer. And there she met a boy, the boy started to fall for her. But she didn't... So read to know how he'll make her fall in love with her and how he'll fix everything in her life...


5. The 1st encounter with my "SO-CALLED-DAD"...

Next morning I woke up. My eyes were red and swollen. But when I came downstairs I saw two people sitting in the hall. One was a lot older than the other one. The elder one was in his late 40's, little bit of grayish hair, wearing a black suit. But I was not able to see his face coz he was sitting with his back in front of me. And the other one was in his early 20's, totally handsome, and he had a lot of tattoos on his arms. But I just saw a ZAP tattoo and a crossed finger tattoo clearly. He saw me coming and after that the old man stood up and turned towards me.


"I know that you hate me, I know that you don't want to see my face. But I've promised your mum that I'll take care of you. I know that you don't like to hear it but you know that I love you." He said to calm me down.

"I don't love you, you get that. I don't even like you. I-I" I didn't want to complete that sentence. But I did it for my mum coz she wanted it.

"I will go with you coz I've promised my mum. Not because you are here and I have forgiven you. Don't ever think that I will. I will never ever forgive you." I said and ran towards my room.

I needed someone right now. I needed my mum. But she wasn't here. She will never come back. I heard someone coming to my door. I was about to scream to send him back but I saw and stopped---

"Hey! I know you don't like talking to him but i have done nothing to you so can you talk to me at least? " He said it with a smile on his face.

"Yeah! " I said. I mean why shouldn't I don't talk to him. All this was not his fault. He never had a father because his real dad left him and his mum. My dad married his mom and now I became his step sister. My dad was not ready to accept me when i was born coz he was not financially ready. But when he became financially stable, my so- called dad didn't come back to me and my mum. Instead he married another women in London.

And the way my step brother (though i didn't like to address him like that coz i met him for the 1st time and he seemed quite friendly to me) was looking at the things in my room, I observed him more closely, he was absolutely handsome, with a little beard on his face. I thought he must have had many girlfriends in his school or college or wherever he went.

"So, what do you want to talk to me. I am ready to go with you guys. Why is there a need to talk." I asked him.

"Sit!" He ordered me. I mean HE ORDERED ME. In my house, in my room. HE ORDERED ME.

I agreed, I sat, coz he was frowning at me like I-am-elder-than-you-and-you-have-to-do-whatever-i-tell-you. He smiled and sat next to me.

"I know, you hate him. You don't want to talk to any of us. But you know I was so excited that my sister will come to live with me now. I mean you are just a little younger than me. And if want you can talk anything to me. If you want me to just listen, I'll okay. So actually he has gone to do some legal works, coz he had to sign some papers and all that stuff. Just leave that and I have been ordered to take care of you here." He said.

I waited I thought there will be more. I thought he would that you have got full day here.. and girl tell me what you want to do..I'll be with you wherever you want to go. As there was holidays going on and I wanted to meet all my friends before going away from here.

"By the way, My name is Zayn. As you are my sister, I mean younger sister and I have been given responsibility to take care of you. And I can see that you will get bored today at home here as like me. So do you want to go out love." He said. And I was shocked. How did he came to know about my thoughts. How he knew I wanted him to ask me to take me to my friends.

"Hey! Are you okay. You want to go out right. " He said.

I saw his dark brown eyes more closely than ever. They were beautiful. He was a nice person and a nice brother.

"Ummm..Yeahh... But I need to get ready. You will take me to out. I want to meet my friends." I asked him smiling. Yeah I smiled to him coz I liked him. He was nice and sweet.

"Yeah.." He said.

I called all my friends to our favourite spot. We sat in our car and we were going there. And Zayn said that will wait in the car.

They all knew about my mum. Coz my one classmate and a nice girl and friend sweety kapoor is the daughter of Dr.Ananya Kapoor. And they all knew that I am going to leave them all.

I saw them all standing there and waiting for me. Yashika, Yashwani, Mridul, Sweety, Neha,Priyanka and Mayuri. Omg..I'm going to miss them all.

"Hey guys. How are you all." I asked them. I talked to all of them for a while, but after that they all have to go. Yashwani hugged me and she gave me a beautiful card which she made by herself. I liked it. All of them were gone except Mayuri. She was there with me. She was my best friend. I wanted her to stay, so she did.

"I'll miss you guys. But we'll stay in touch. Okay" I suddenly looked towards her. I felt angry, she wasn't even listening to me. She was looking somewhere else. She was looking at Zayn. "OMG, he said he will not come out of the car then why he is out." I thought.

"That's Zayn my step brother." I said but she wasn't even listening to that.

"What the hell. You are listening to me and you are staring at him." I shouted on her. She saw me finally. And Zayn started coming towards us. And when he was with us she was like....

"OMG...Do you know that you are really hot." She said. I mean wtf she said just now. She doesn't even know him. I can't believe she said that. She was here to spend time with me but not to flirt with my step brother with whom we both met just today. I got really angry.

"Well. I don't know, but thank you. You are really cute." Zayn said. If I would have my mum today I wouldn't have mind all this stuff, because if she would have been here with me I would have gone to my home and could have taken all my anger out by talking to her. But she wasn't I was getting angrier.

"Why wouldn't he just go and sit inside the car." I thought.

"Okay, You guys talk I'm going to wait inside the car. Nice talking to you Mayuri." He said.

How he do this. How he read my thoughts. How...OMG...I don't know...But I was happy that he was gone and then it was again just me and my bff..

"Bitch, you know you have got a sexy brother." She said still looking at him.

"Are you here to talk to me for last time or you here to talk to me about you-have-a-sexy-brother" I said to her angrily.

"Okay, okay..I'm sorry... but you also know that we will always be friends and stay in touch. Whatsoever you do, and wherever you go. You know that I'll haunt you like a ghost. And yes I wanna talk about you-have-a-sexy-brother." She said. I smiled. She always do that, no matter how much sad I am she always put a smile on my face, and make me laugh. We talked for hours. We talked about so many stuff, about our times together, about all those moments we had, most of all were funny moment. And we laughed a lot.. But she had to go home. We hugged each other and said goodbyes.

I sat in the car. And we went home. At home I packed my stuff- clothes, accessories, novels, laptop, etc. And a picture of my mum.

I showered, changed my clothes and came out from my room.

Downstairs both were waiting for me. I didn't want to look at them especially at my so-called dad,coz I didn't want to get angry or sad. We went to the airport, took our seats in the plane. And after a while we were off to London.


In this chapter darcy's mum had her first encounter with her dad. She hated him and she didn't want to go but she promised her mum that she will go, so she went. She met all her friends for the last time. Said a final goodbyes to them and flies off to London.

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