A story to remember

It's about a girl whose parents separated when she was 7 and from then she was living with her mother but her life changed when she has to move from India to London to live with her dad, step mom and stepbrother after her mother's death from cancer. And there she met a boy, the boy started to fall for her. But she didn't... So read to know how he'll make her fall in love with her and how he'll fix everything in her life...


15. Styles's house

Sam's P.O.V

His house was beautiful from inside too. Interiors, paintings, everything was beautifully perfect. Just like the house of my dreams.

"You must be Sam." A girl said to me which I assume was his sister, because they both looked same.

"Yeah, and you must be Gemma." She nodded.

"Call me Gem." She said.

"Oh..Hello there, what a pretty girl you are." His mother came from kitchen and hugged me.

"I'm Anne, his mother." She was amazingly beautiful with a beautiful smile..No wonder from where harry got his smile.

Harry came inside. His mum hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"Mum." He growled and I grinned at his reaction.
I roamed around his living room, looking at the pictures of Harry and Gem, Harry and his mum, Harry and some other people, I don't know who were they.
There was a picture of Harry at which my eyes just stopped. He was nearly 8 or 10 wearing a white bra above his clothes and smiling. A hand suddenly came above the picture, stopping me from looking at it.
"That was really cute, Harry" I chuckled.
"Well I was a naughty kid." He smirked.
"Was naughty? C'mon Harry tell her the truth..... You still are." Gemma, well Gem said and laughed.
"Don't start with me Gem...You know I didn't gave up..I will take revenge from blowing up my car tyres." He told her while putting his keys on the table.
She was teasing him and laughing.
"I'll not let you watch that show tonight." He spat.
"I'll not let you watch your favourite show." She fired back.
"Let's see." He again spat.
"Yeah, let's see." She again fired back.
Well, HELLO....Can anybody see they have a guest here too...
"Stop it you two." Anne scolded them from kitchen.
He gave her an evil look and turned to me.
"C'mon Sam..I'll show you around."
He showed me his house, kitchen, backyard, hall and then we entered inside a room with lots of posters of football clubs and players, with a king-sized bed, a book shelf with lots of books, music CDs. I guess it was his room, but how a boy's room, can be clean.
"I must say Harry, I'm impressed..I've never seen a boy's room totally clean." I told him.
"Well Thank you...It's a habit of me that I like everything clean." He shrugged his shoulders.
He told me to have seat, but I decided to look at the book shelf. He had all types of novels from every author and all Nicholas sparks books, even my favourite The notebook. I suddenly took it out.
"It's my favourite movie and book." I told him.
"Mine too." He said.
I looked at him, he was standing just a feet away from me, I could clearly see his eyes. Those emerald green eyes, so beautiful. 
I kept the book back at it's original place. Anne called us from downstairs for dinner. We went downstairs. I took the seat opposite to Anne, Gem sat next to her, Harry sat next to me. Dinner has already been served on the table.
The food was delicious, we all were having a little talk.
After dinner I helped Anne with the dishes.
"Thank you sweetheart." She said to me. I gave her an *Your welcome* smile.
"Harry give me the remote." Gem yelled. Anne and me looked at each other. I guessed they have started the fight for the TV remote. We finished with the dishes and went inside the hall.. I don't know why but I was really excited to see the TV remote fight. Coz I haven't seen anything like that.
"Harry give it to me." He was sitting on the couch and was playing a game on his phone with a smirk on his face.
Gem snatched  his phone from his  hand.
"What the hell.. I was playing the game, for the first time I scored this much..Give it back to me." Harry said.
"You first give me the remote." Gem said.
"Mum." They both said in unison and turned to Anne.
"You both, just sit quietly there."  Anne told them pointing at the couch.
"Sam, will you have the dessert?" She asked me.
"Yes, I would love to. Thank you." I was trying hard to control my laugh. 
"Okay then, I'll go get it. Do you want to watch TV?"
TV? I don't want to get into the fight. If anyone would again talk to me about TV or remote..I will not be able to control my laugh.
"No...I'm fine."
She went inside the kitchen. And was left with two people with grumpy faces. Harry should see his face in the mirror, he was looking so cute. Poor boy, first time scored high in temple run. Well I haven't told him but I am the champion in this game. Gem gave his phone back to him. Harry grinned and winked at me. Ahhh, he was making that face coz he knew she will give his phone back to him.
Aww..They both love each other but don't show it..They show it when they fight with each other, they show it when they tease each other...
"I'll go..I've to complete some assignments..." Gem said.
"Shit." I suddenly got up from the couch. How can I even forget that we were going to gave a group discussion tomorrow and I had to write an essay on love.
"What happened? Are you OK?" Harry asked me.
"I forgot about my assignment. And tomorrow I have a group discussion in my literature class." I told him.
It's 11 at night..I didn't even noticed the time...It's too late.
"Just relax Sam..You can write it here.."
Here? No no no no..Why should I complete my assignment here..I want to go home...
"No Harry I want to go home. Please." I requested him.
"Okay" He sighed.
I apologized to Anne and promised her that I'll come again one day.  She gave me a warm hug and gave a goodbye kiss on my forehead. I sat inside the car and waved to Gem and Anne.
"Don't panic Sam. You will do it." He said while driving.
He turned on the music system and selected Turning tables by Adele. It was a quite drive to my home. We didn't talk much.
We reached the driveway of my home. We came out of the car.
"Bye Harry." I waved to him. He was standing, his both hands were inside the back pockets.
"Hmm...Bye." He started to go back towards his car.
"Harry" I called him. He turned around to face me.
"Thanks for everything Harry...I really had a nice time." I told him.
"Anytime Sam....And you can call me whenever you want OK.."
"Okay." I said. He sat in his car. I waved to him and I went upstairs in my room.
I took my night clothes from the closet, showered, changed..
Now it's time to write my assignment. I sat on my table and started. I wrote everything which came into my mind, I wrote about my mum, I thought about my friends...
After One hour of scribbling, writing, scribbling, thinking, writing..I finally completed it. Before going to sleep I read it again. I said to goodnight to my mum and went to sleep.

Harry's P.O.V

"Shit." Sam stood up from the couch, she was tensed. I could see it in her eyes.
"What happened? Are you OK?" I don't know what happened to her. She must have forgotten something.
"I forgot about my assignment and tomorrow I have group discussion in my literature class." She said.
Oh My God..It's just an assignment. She scared me..
'It's just an assignment, nothing will happen if you won't give it tomorrow. It's college not school.' I wanted to say this but when I saw the tension in her eyes, I didn't say that. Instead of that,
"Just relax Sam, you can write it here." I told her. But It was clear that she don't want it.
"No Harry, I want to go home, Please." She requested.
I don't want her to leave me now. I wish I could just spend a little more time with her. I can say no to her, but her eyes, they were begging me to drop her home. I'm still getting that strange feeling again. She wanted to leave. I couldn't say no to her. I can't.
"Okay." I sighed.
I took my car keys from the table. She apologized to my mum for leaving and promised her that she will come again. My mum hugged her and gave her a goodbye kiss. I drove back to her house. She was quite, she must be tensed. But it's just an assignment why she wants to leave right now. She should have stayed. I don't know why she is taking this so seriously..
"Don't panic Sam, You will do it." I said to her, so that she can just relax. I turned on the music system and selected adele's Turning Table....I was feeling that familiar ache which I get whenever she gets away from me.
We reached there and Sam went out of the car.
"Bye harry." She waved to me.
'No please don't go. Please, please, please.' I was begging her inside my mind hoping that she would listen. What I am thinking she will not.
"Hmm..Bye." I said to her. That bye word gives me the pain in my heart. Why? I still don't get it. Why I'm feeling like this.
I turned to go home but she called me. I turned around to face her.
"Thanks for everything Harry, I really had a nice time." She said.
'Well I was having a nice time too, but now you are leaving, so I'm feeling bad.' I thought.
"Anytime Sam..and you can call me whenever you want OK." I said. Yes, even if she is going to call me in the middle of the night, I would run to her..
"Okay.. she said.
I drove off to my home.
"Harry you haven't told me about your new girlfriend." My mum said to me when I entered the house.
"Mum, she is not my girlfriend." I growled.
"Well, well, well...someone's good mood transformed into a bad mood." Gem said to me. Again started to tease.
I'm not in a mood to talk or to fight with her..That pain of separation from her is killing me. I just want to run to her and just spend some time with her.  My mum and my sister giggled at my state of mind.
"Hehe...Very funny." I pushed Gem's face back and moved towards my room.
I was lying on my bed with my hands under my head, thinking about today's day. She was really happy.
Her face, when I started singing,  came in front of my eyes. She was surprised and I know she loved it. And when she said gave me that *Yeah-I-know-I'm-so-good* look, gosh she looked damn pretty then. And then she smiled when my mum kissed me in front of her and I growled. And when she was trying to control her laugh by biting her cheeks, made her like the cutest girl ever. I could see her face in front of my eyes.
Someone knocked my door.
"Yeah, come in." I saw my mum standing at my door. She was looking at me, trying to figure what's going on in my mind.
"Are you trying to read my mind?"
She smiled, and gave me a disgust look. She is just not my mum, but also my mentor, my support, my friend.
"Do you want to talk?" She asked.
Yes, definitely I want to talk. But What I don't know, I don't understand my feelings right now.
"What do you want to talk about?" I asked her and she made a thinking face. OK, I get it she wanted to talk about her.
"You want to talk about Sam.. OK, I get it." I said, she looked at me and smiled.
I turned my face towards the ceiling.
"What are you feeling right now, hon?" She asked me.
"I don't know."
"Harry, I can tell just by looking in your eyes that you are not OK..I'm your mother, you can't hide anything from me." She was looking at me but my eyes were focussed on the ceiling wall.
"Mum, I seriously don't know what I'm feeling. I'm confused about it."
"Look at me and say it." She ordered me.
I turned towards her.
'I don't know mum, what's this feeling. Whenever I'm around her, I feel like I should not let go of her. Whenever I'm away from her, I feel numb, confused. I feel a pain in my heart. Whenever she look at me, I feel like I should just focus on those beautiful dark brown eyes. Whenever she smiles, makes my world happy. Whenever she touch me, my heart beats faster, my breathing stops. I just feel her touch, like I never felt anyone's. I couldn't just understand why? Why I feel like this.' I thought but didn't say it to her. She was still gazing on me, waiting for me to say it. But I couldn't. I just couldn't.
"I don't know mum..Maybe I'll tell you when I'll understand it." I said.
I thought she will get angry or upset that I didn't shared my feelings with her, but instead of that she just smiled.
She caressed my forehead and gave me a kiss on my cheeks.
"You can tell me anytime, Harry. I'm always here for you." She hugged me, went out and closed the door behind her.
I closed my eyes, she again came in front of my eyes. I dozed off.

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