A story to remember

It's about a girl whose parents separated when she was 7 and from then she was living with her mother but her life changed when she has to move from India to London to live with her dad, step mom and stepbrother after her mother's death from cancer. And there she met a boy, the boy started to fall for her. But she didn't... So read to know how he'll make her fall in love with her and how he'll fix everything in her life...


6. My new life

We were in the plane and I was really getting bored. I thought if Zayn would be getting bored too. But  I didn't asked him. Why should I? But I was really getting bored. "If he could read my thoughts and start talking to me." I thought. But no that's never gonna happen. What I was thinking. I stopped myself.

"Hey!  I'm so fucking bored. Can we talk?"  WHAT? I was totally startled. I was literally gaping at him. He raised his brow and I giggled. Well, I was not just giggling and I was literally laughing. 

"What! why are you laughing?" He asked.
"Ummmmm.... No nothing....Hey! Can you read thoughts of people?"

"What! No... Do you think I am an alien?" He said half joking.
"No...It's nothing like that.. I mean whenever I think of ypu doing or saying something, you do it. Like you could read my thoughts. And just now I was wondering about talking to you." I said and smiled.
He smiled too and we started talking about it. I asked him about London and about his girlfriend. I don't now if he has a girlfriend or not but then also I asked him. He told me that he has a girlfriend and he loves her a lot. My mind suddenly shifts to my bff mayuri. I suddenly felt the urge of telling her about that. "Fuck yaar" she will definitely say it when I'll tell her that.

"You tell me now. I told you so much about myself." I suddenly remembered that I'm not in India anymore and I'm going to London to live with my dad, the person I hate the most.
"Yeah! I mean, What do you want to know. From where should I start?" I snorted.
"Well' I would like to know about your boyfriend."

"I don't have a boyfriend." I said and he raised his brow at me like I was lying or something.

"Seriously, Zayn. I don't have a boyfriend."

"Okay! Let's pass that."

"Yeah! that would be better." I groaned and he smiled".

"how old are you?" I asked him to keep the conversation going.

"oh ! I'm 21, and you are 18, I hope you 're right?"

"yeah ! I just became 18,this february."

"In feb, When?"

"12th feb. And When Is your birthday?" I asked.

"Just the same date as yours and a month before from yours." He said grinning.

"Oh! 12th Jan." I guessed. He smiled. And I was right. 

I told him about my friends and my life as a child. He seemed quite interested in listening that. We talked about so many things, some natural stuff. "If he's going to ask me about my mum, then I'll kill him." I thought. But thankfully he didn't, coz I didn't want to cry in plane in front of everyone. After a little while, I dozed off and I think he did too. I don't know. I was asleep.


Next thing, after I woke up. We all were in London and we were going to the place where I'm gonna live. We all were going to my dad's place.

"HOLY CRAP." I groaned. After I saw that big house in front of which the car just stopped. My mouth fell half open.

"WElcome, to your home." Dad said. I rolled my eyes and moved ahead. I didn't want to talk to him. He knows it well, then why he is talking to me.

"Hello, there" There was a beautiful voice coming from the kitchen.

"Hi! I'm Tricia." She said it with a lovely nice vouce and hugged me.

"Mum! We all are really tired. And I think she is too so let her take rest." Zayn said to her and gave her a hug and kiss on her cheeks.

Zayn showed me full have, kitchen, hall and everything. We went upstairs and we stopped in front of the gate. He closed my eyes and when I opened it.

"Wow!" This was all I can say I didn't have words to say anything about that room. Bigger bed, a large bookshelf, a study table, a couch and everything which I always wanted to have in my room.

"So, sister, take rest for an hour and get ready after that." Zayn ordered me with a kiss on my cheeks. 

"Get ready! Are we going somewhere today." 

"Yes, actually. We talked for your admission in college. So there will be a small inteview with the dean. And I have to go somewhere so, I'm in a hurry right now. I'll be back after an hour so be ready okay."  He said and I nodded.

I looked at my room once again. I took out my clothes and put them in the closet. I took out my laptop and put it on the study table. I put my mom's picture next to my bed. I showered and wore jeans and a black t-shirt, and waited for him. After a hour and a half he texted me. I sat in his car which was waiting for me outside and headed towards college. I met the dean and he told me that I can join from tommorrow. I thanked him and went outside. Zayn was sitting outside with a bag in his hands. 

"So, you are joining from tomorrow. Here is your bag and inside it there are all your books you need for your semester. I think you will do majors in English." He said and handed me the bag. 

"How does he know? How is it possible?" I thought.

"Zayn! You know what. I've started to think of you as an alien. Really, you are scaring me now." I smirked at him and he laughed. I joined him too. For the first time here in London I laughed, like I used to with mum. I felt good. I felt her near me.

"Zayn......" Someone shouted from behind.


In this chapter...darcy's mum went to london to live with her new family. And her bonding with her step brother zayn became a little better...


Thank you.....

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