A story to remember

It's about a girl whose parents separated when she was 7 and from then she was living with her mother but her life changed when she has to move from India to London to live with her dad, step mom and stepbrother after her mother's death from cancer. And there she met a boy, the boy started to fall for her. But she didn't... So read to know how he'll make her fall in love with her and how he'll fix everything in her life...


3. Mum

"I'm sorry but you don't have much time. You have to get yourself admitted in the hospital, so that at least we can try our best to save you" Dr. Ananya Kapoor said

She was an oncologist and my doctor. Just three weeks ago, I came to know that I have cancer and I have to get admitted in the hospital but I always asked her for more time so that so that I can tell my daughter about it. But every time I saw her happy and smiling face, I was not able to do that i couldn't tell her that I have cancer and I'm going to die, you have to go live with your dad. I couldn't do it.

"How much time I have Doctor" I asked her. "You don't have much time." She answered.

"Please, tell me the exact time. Is it just today? Am I going to die today? Is today my last day?" I asked her again.

"I-I" she stopped.

She looked into my eyes and saw how eagerly I wanted her to tell me.

"I think yes, maybe today is your last day and that's why I'm saying u to come here and got yourself admitted today in here and we will try our best to save you."She said.

"If it's just today then let it be. I'm going to spend my whole time with my lovely daughter. I don't want her to see me crying. I want her to see my smiling face. And before dying I don't want to see her crying, coz I hate it when she cries. I said and just left.

On my way back home. I called my ex-husband and told him everything and I asked him to take her with himself to London and take care of her.

He said "Yeah! I'll. I know she hates me but I'll do everything to make her feel happy. Tricia and Zayn are also very excited for her to come. And---"

He wanted to say something but he hesitated and after a while he continued and finally said it.

"Can I see you. I know you can't come here but can we at least have a video chat. I really want to see you once."

I agreed. How can I say no. It's been 10 years we haven't seen each other. After our divorce we both were on our own. I wanted to see him on my last day. So I took my laptop from my bag and told my driver to stop the car. Coz I didn't want to go home right now. But I wanted to talk to him.

"Hey! You look beautiful." He said it with a smile on his face.

I blushed "Thanks, you too. And I'm happy to see you."

"Yeah! Me too" He said.

And we both were silent, looking at each other. Remembering old times. I thought about his face, remembered how he used to look back then. And the way he was looking at me seemed like he was thinking about me too. But why are we looking at each other like this. There can be nothing? W-Why am I thinking all this. He cheated on me and left me alone.

"Hey! Tricia wants to talk to you." He said and called her.

And there she was, Tricia, my ex-husband's wife. He left me coz he didn't wanted to have a child then. I felt like an utter shit when he filed a divorce with me. But there is no time to think all about this now. I am not going to live any more. There is no time to be angry. Though I knew that Tricia was sweet, nice and a really caring lady. And Zayn was a nice boy. Suddenly I remembered my daughter must be waiting for me. I had to go, But---

"Hey! Hi! I'm Tricia" She said.

"Hi! How are you?" I asked.

"I'm good. How is she? Does she know about it?" She asked me. She seemed sad. Her voice was calm.

"No, She doesn't. Hey, Can you do me a favour?" I asked her.

"Yeah! Sure." She said. Though I didn't like her, but she didn't seem to have any problem with me.

"Please! Don't let my daughter miss me. Be her mother, be her friend. She should not feel that I'm not around her." I said and tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Yeah, I will. I will never let her be sad." She said and cried too.

I said goodbye to both of them and asked my driver to go as fast as he can. I cleaned my face, put a little bit makeup. And I went inside. And there she was my lovely daughter waiting for me to come.


In this chapter darcy grandmum is in a meeting with her doctor an oncologist (cancer specialist) and she came to know that she don't have much time left and she's going to die so she just wanted to go home and spend all her time with her daughter (darcy's mum)...

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