A story to remember

It's about a girl whose parents separated when she was 7 and from then she was living with her mother but her life changed when she has to move from India to London to live with her dad, step mom and stepbrother after her mother's death from cancer. And there she met a boy, the boy started to fall for her. But she didn't... So read to know how he'll make her fall in love with her and how he'll fix everything in her life...


13. Let's continue the story

Harry's P.O.V

"Good Morning Harry" My sister Gemma was in the kitchen when I entered to drink some water.

"Morning Gem" I said and looked around while drinking water from the bottle.

"Where's mum?" I asked her.

"Mum has gone out to the store to get some stuff." She said without looking at me. She was busy making her coffee.

"So are you prepared for the competition today?" She asked.

"Gem It's not a competition..And by the way our group is already been finalised..The solo will be selected today." I explained her. She was still not looking at me, and started toasting the bread. I brought my phone from my room, sat on the couch and starting playing temple run though I was not very good in this game.

"Who is Sam..?" Gem asked, I think I heard right.

"What? Sam? Why are you asking me about her?" I asked her still confused that she asked me about Sam. I wasn't sure...Why this girl is always in my mind.

"I am asking about her coz you were saying her name while you were asleep...And Do I know her, do you want to talk about it." She sat next to me on the couch.

"She is Zayn's step sister, a new student. I..."I stopped I don't want to talk about my strange feelings to her..

"Why are you being nosey?" I said irritably..

She swatted my arm.. And I laugh..

"Don't you have to go to college, huh?" She said.

I scrunched her nose and she again swatted me. I got up to take a shower. I wore a black t-shirt and black jeans, my usual clothing. I took my car keys, wallet and.....

"Where's my phone?"I asked myself. I went out and saw Gem holding my phone and laughing. I snatched my phone from her hand.

"What were you doing with my phone? You know it's a bad habit reading anyone's messages." I spat.

"Well...First of all I wasn't reading your messages and second thing is..."She stopped and started smiling at me.

"Spit" I ordered.

"Sam is a beautiful girl." She finally said it..

So, I already know that she's pretty.

"I know..And don't ever look into my phone without my permission." I went out and sat in my car and saw Gem standing at the door.

"I am saying that you might have fallen in love, little brother." She yelled to me.

I ignored her and started the ignition.

Love? Me? I don't  even know what it feels like..The strange feeling which I get when I'm with her or away from her, is love. I don't think so. I mean it can't be love..No it's not love. I parked my car at my usual spot but didn't go out. I took my phone, opened gallery and started seeing the pictures which we had clicked on the weekend London tour.

There was my one favourite when she told me to make a grumpy face and she made a surprise face and she clicked. My most favourite from all..And yes she was damn beautiful.

"Fuck...Why am I thinking so much about her?" I banged at my car's steering wheel.

"Did Gem was right? Have I fallen in love? Is this feeling is love?" I was thinking but the bell took me out of my thoughts. I came out of my car but wasn't in a hurry coz there were no classes today.

"Hey handsome.." A hand stopped me in my way.

"Hey, Rose.."I removed her hand away from me and started to move further. But she stopped me again..Why everyone has to be so annoying...

"Rose..I've to go..Just go try your not-so-good-luck on other guys. But here it's No entry for you." I chuckled as I saw her face go pale....

She smiled after a min and came closer to me.

"I know one day you will come to me and we'll have lots of fun together." She hushed to me. Her hands were still touching me...

"Come back to reality Rose..I won't ever come..." I said removing her hands from my chest.

I went away from her and came inside the hall of the big arena of our college where the competition was about to held.

"You are late Harry." Liam said as I entered the hall.

"No I'm not." I told him and my eyes stopped at her. Sam was standing with her friends, Louis, Niall and Zayn.

Gosh she was looking amazingly pretty with her hair tied in a ponytail and was wearing blue denim jeans with a low cut black t-shirt.

"Harry.......Harry.... Mate are you even listening to me?" Liam was shaking my shoulders and I was pulled back from my thoughts.

"No, sorry I wasn't...I was lost..What were you saying?" I stuttered.

"I said everybody is calling us, we need to go there."

"Yeah, let's go."

We started moving towards them....

"Hey Harry." Felicite waved to me when we reached closer to them.

"Hey" I waved back.

"Where were you mate?" Louis asked me.

"Just got up a little late." I told them.

My eyes stopped at Sam. She gave me a *Hey* look with a smile and I replied with the same.

Paloma joined us with a boy with her. I've seen that guy before. He used to play with every girl in school and now in college. His name, ummm...What was his name?

"Hey Dane." Niall shook hands with him.

Oh...Yeah Dane. Paloma introduced him to everyone and he was her boyfriend. What? She should have chose anyone but why Dane. I saw him looking at Sam and licking his lips. I can feel my fist getting tighter.

How dare he lay his dirty eyes on her? I looked at Sam but her mind was somewhere else. Looked like she was desperately waiting for someone to come.. Her smile grew and she said bye to all and ran towards a girl and hugged her. Who was she? I've never seen her, wait I've seen her once somewhere. Sam was happy and smiling when she was talking to her and they went backstage. Announcement has been made for all the contestants so we all went backstage too.

Sam's P.O.V

"Mamma" I again screamed and sat up on my bed.

"Are you OK?" Tricia was standing tensed on my room door.

"Yeah..I'm fine."I told her.

"If you need anything then I'm always here OK." She said it with an assuring tone just like my mum used to say.

"You are not my mum. So don't try to be." I spat.

She just nodded and didn't say anything. She went out and closed the door behind her.

I got up locked the door and sat on the floor crying. I buried my face inside my hands.

'Why you left me alone mum...I miss you.' I said between by sobs. There was a knock on my door.

"Sam, Can you open the door please?" It was Zayn.

"Yeah..Wait" I cleaned my face with my t-shirt and opened the door.

"Good morning Zayn." I gave a fake smile and tried to hide my sadness, but he already knew.

"Can we talk?" I nodded and I sat on my bed with him sitting next to me.

"I know I never talk about your mum to you. I wanted to but I somehow stopped myself..I thought that it will make you sad. But I think today I should. Can we?" He asked me with a smile on his face which was assuring me that everything is fine, just talk, you will feel good.

So I nodded.

"I don't know Zayn..What should I tell you? I..I miss her. From my childhood when my dad left us, she was my best friend, my everything.. But now I feel nothing without her.. I feel numb.. She died in front of me Zayn. On her birthday, I planned her birthday party that day..I did everything to make her happy and she was too..But I...I feel why..why didn't she tell me about her disease..Why she kept me in dark? So that I could see her die in front of my eyes. If that was the reason then I think she won. I miss her terribly, I don't feel love, happiness, enjoyment.. What I feel is just sadness, numbness in me." I was crying so hard and I buried my face in my hands again. He picked my head up holding my chin and hugged me. I held him tight and cried.
"Sam..Don't cry...You know what...Your mum didn't tell you anything because she wanted to see you happy..Your happy and smiling face was keeping her strong. But no one can come between the powers of god love. She was an angel and she always will be. You can be happy, you can feel love, happiness and enjoyment if you try to be happy. She is watching you, she is keeping an eye on you. And your sadness is making her more sad. So please smile."
He gave me a comforting hug again. And I did.
"And Zayn you never told me that you can sing, and you all five were a band."
"Oh. I'm sorry about that..I should have told you. Well I guess we better hurry coz we are getting late. You are in my supporting team today?"
"Supporting team?" I asked him laughing. "You guys are already finalised then why you need a supporting team." I added.
"Well yes we all are finalised but today's competition is not the real competition. The real one is next month. So my sister will you be supporting me or not."
"For next month...Yes...For today...No" I told him. He frowned. So I told him about fil and also that she sings beautifully.
"And Zayn She likes you." I added in the last.
He smiled.
"Yeah...I know I'm so hot baby..So many girls loves me but you know that I love my girl." I nodded.
"So get ready..And don't worry I won't leave you today." He said and pulled my cheek. He went out to get ready.
I was feeling happy after talking to Zayn. I got up, showered, wore blue denim jeans and low cut black top. I tied my hair in a ponytail. Put a little bit of mascara and applied lip gloss on my chapped lips. I took my phone and went out. Zayn was waiting outside for me but didn't yelled at me to get ready fast. He was wearing black jeans, a blue shirt all buttons open and plain white t-shirt beneath.
"Let's go" He told me. We sat in his car, and rode off to college. We reached there, Kate was present there with Louis, Felicite and Perrie. We moved towards them but perrie saw us before everyone and came running towards zayn and hugged him tight.
"I missed you so much." She said to him and he kissed her. "Hey Sam. How are you?" She turned to me.
"Yeah I'm fine..How are you?" I asked her back.
"I'm good too. C'mon let's go."
When we reached to them. Kate hugged me, and then Felicite. Louis said Hi. I said Hi to him. After that Niall and Mat joined us too. They all looked so happy together.
Kate and Louis looked so cute together, Louis always makes people laugh, Kate is so nice and cute, and they both loved each other, what else can anyone ask for. 
Mat and Niall were the same like Kate and Pallo. Niall's  like for Mat had turned into love, and Mat already loved him. I don't know what love feels like. And I don't know if I'll ever understand how it feels. Louis was telling about a prank which he and zayn played on others. All were laughing, me too.
"Hey Harry." Felicite waved to him.
"Hey" He waved back to her.
"Where were you mate?" Louis asked him.
"Just got up a little late." He said.
Huh....Lazy bug. His eyes meet mine and I gave him a smile and he smiled back to me.  Paloma joined us with a boy. He was a handsome boy with some little tattoos like Liam, not like Zayn and Harry.
"Hey Dane." Niall shook hands with him. Pallo introduced him as her boyfriend. She was happy and I was happy for her.
I looked at my watch.
Where the hell is Fil? She will get late. If she won't come I'll kill her. But she did. I saw her coming in and ran towards her to hug her tight. She hugged me back.
"Why the hell are you late?"I asked her, swatting her arm.
"Oh..I am not..U see I'm on time."  She showed me her watch.
"Yeah just three minutes are left." I said and she laughed. I joined her too.
We went backstage and announcement for all the participants to come backstage too has been made.
"I'm nervous." She said biting her lower lip. Her hands were shaking.
"Don't be..Okay.. I'll be right in front of you..You just look at me and sing..You will do good. Believe me."
"I do." She said and hugged me tight.
I saw boys coming backstage too. So I wished her good luck again and went to wish them too. Though they didn't need but I went.
"Hey guys...Though you guys don't need best wishes today but still All the best."
I said to them with a thumbs up. They all appreciated and went inside a room except harry. He told them he will be back in a minute.
"Hey." He smiled.
"Hey..I thought you won't talk to me after yesterday." I told him.
"Why do you think like that? No...That was nothing."
"Okay.." It was just that I can say to him right now. I don't know what to talk. I wished him good luck again and started to move.
"Sam." He called me and I turned towards him.
" If you ever...ever need to talk about anything...You need a friend, you can call me, anytime...OK?"
Aww...That's so sweet of him. I smiled and gave him a nod. He nodded back and I went outside.

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