A story to remember

It's about a girl whose parents separated when she was 7 and from then she was living with her mother but her life changed when she has to move from India to London to live with her dad, step mom and stepbrother after her mother's death from cancer. And there she met a boy, the boy started to fall for her. But she didn't... So read to know how he'll make her fall in love with her and how he'll fix everything in her life...


2. And Where it all began

I was sitting in an examination hall and waiting for my exam to get over. Just five minutes left and I was really excited. I wanted to go home coz it was my mum's birthday today. I wished her in the morning but I had planned something for her and I was excited to see her happy face.

The bell rang. "Yes" I shouted.

I ran towards my car waiting for me outside my school. I reached towards it and hurriedly sat in it. "Go! Go! Go! As fast as you can uncle." I ordered him and just in 15 minutes, I was home.

There was no car outside my house. I checked the door, the door was locked. I took out the spare key from under the mat and then I was in. I was so excited and happy. Mum was not home yet.

I ran towards my room. I showered, changed my uniform and wore shorts and a tank top. I was doing everything in a hurry coz mum will be home in about 2 hours.

I went in the kitchen, made my mum's favourite food. 'Rajma-chawal, Shahi-paneer, Roti, and some sweets.' You must be thinking that I'm just 18 and how can I make so many things. I didn't. I ordered everything.

And the best thing, I ordered her favourite cheese pizza with double chocolate sandwich from Dominos.

I decorated the hall with balloons, flowers, ribbons. And yes decorations, I did on my own.

Just 15 minutes left and I checked everything again. Everything was perfect, just as the way she likes. Now I just had to wait.


Please don't get confused people...if you are then in this chap darcy's mum is a young 17 year old girl who just wants to make her mum (i.e., darcy's maternal real grandmum) birthday more special...if you are still getting confused then comment about your confusion..and suggest..

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