Woofless's adventure

Woofless is the famous You-tuber under the names or MrWoofless. He is a cool guy to meet even though I never met him. He is Canadian and lives somewhere near Montreal. He is fluent in English and speaks a bit of French. This book is dedicated to him because of his hard work on editing his videos with care. His 500th video special is my favourite, it is like a timeline of his Youtube career with McLaffyTaffy and HermitplaysMc. This book is about my fantasy about Woofless. Check him out!


2. Starting There Youtube

At Woofless's house


W: Hmmmm what should I name my Youtube channel? Hmmmmm. I've got it! I shall name it MrWoofless! I'm so handsome and smart. Now I have to wait until Mitch is done then he'll call me.


At Mitch's house



M: Well I'm not fully Canadian but I live here. I have a good feeling about Canadian. Hmmm Bajan means native, I'm a native to Canada. I know! BajanCanadian! That's cool. Now I have to call Woofless and tell him I'm done.



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