Woofless's adventure

Woofless is the famous You-tuber under the names or MrWoofless. He is a cool guy to meet even though I never met him. He is Canadian and lives somewhere near Montreal. He is fluent in English and speaks a bit of French. This book is dedicated to him because of his hard work on editing his videos with care. His 500th video special is my favourite, it is like a timeline of his Youtube career with McLaffyTaffy and HermitplaysMc. This book is about my fantasy about Woofless. Check him out!


3. Finding Success

Chapter 3


The two young boys started making videos day after day, soon later a rivalry will start 

(Chat via Skype)

W: Hey Mitch! When do you want to record again?

M: Idk I just know that I have more subs than u!

W: So what? Idk I will do what the people want. Well editing is my specialty.

M: Mine is ok.............

Next day at Woofless point of view

W: Mitch has more subs, what should I do? Should I record with other guys like Vik? More pvp videos? I really don't know. Maybe I should do what I like the most, Prisons.


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