Our Life Begins (Sequel to change your life)

Katie And Niall are finally going have a Family and there really excited. What they don't know is people are STILL after Katie. Will Niall try to protect her and there baby? Or will sacrifices be made?


3. Chapter Three


~ Two Months Later~




~Katie's POV~





"Niall can you please get Jake." I groaned as i fed Lille.


All this week at 3Am is crying, pooping, sleeping, hungry.


It is driving me insane!!


"Niall!" I yelled kicking him off the bed as i hear a thump.


"What the f-."


"Don't use that language when the baby is around!" I raised my voice.


"You know, i haven't gotten that much sleep either!" He growled.


"Ohh so your saying it's my fault!" I raised my voice i put Lille back in the crib.


"I never said that!" He yelled.


"You know what, just shut up ok?!" I said going to grab Jake as i began to feed him the rest of the bottle.


"I have to work." He growled.


"Ok i understand that." I said looking at him as tears fell down.


"Please don't cry Katie.'' He said his face going softer.


"I am! Can't you see im stressed! Im also looking for a job to Niall and i have to look for day care and pay for it also!" I said crying harder as i set jake down and covered him up.


"I understand but."


"No you dont Niall." I said laughing while crying. "I thought you were better."


"What are you saying."


"Just leave it alone Niall ok." I raised my voice again as i left and shut the door of the guest room and locked it as i fell on the bed crying harder.


Sometimes i wish this hasn't happen to me, quite yet.









"She's in there." I heard Niall say.


"Alright thank you." A girl said as there was a knock.


"Who is it." I asked tiredly.


"It's 4pm and your still Not up." Perrie said.


"Ohh." I said as i opened the door to see just her.


"Where's Niall." I asked.


"Down stairs with the boy's and new guys playing with Jake an Lille." She smiled.


"What!?!" I yelled running down the stairs.


I looked around the room to see Niall, Ariana, Casey, Krystin, Liam, Josh, Harry, and Zayn all in the living room as Jake and Lille were on a blanket playing.


"Katie!" The girls shrieked and huddle around me.


"How are you."


"Did that hurt!"




"You and Niall Ok?."


"Im tired, yes it did hurt, thanks, and i don't know." I said looking down as i can feel him starring at me.


"What happened." Krystin asked.


"I was up all Week, well both of us all the tine at 3Am! Its stressful im looking for day care for them and money to pay for it." I said not realizing i was crying.


"Ill watch them.'' Casey smiled as josh nodded.


"But now i have to pay you.'' I said looking up.


"Think of us as a aunt and uncle to them." She smiled.


"Are you sure.." I asked looking at her and josh.


"Certainly." Josh said.


"Well your gonna have like a mini Niall and Katie.' I said with wide eyes and nodding as everyone laughed.


"What its true!" I exclaimed.



"We know." They said as they watched the kids fighting.



"Lille not biting Jake!" I yelled pulling Lille away.


I watched as she started to have a fuss.


"Nr again." I groaned as i excused my self to go upstairs into me and Niall's room.


I set her on the bed as i looked for her favorite toy's.


"Need help." I heard and Irish accent.



I turned to see Niall at the door way.



"I uhh, sure.'' I said softly.



"Alright." He smiled as he found her toys.



"Look.." I said.



I just watched as he played with her and made her eyes bug out of her head in amazement on what he was doing.


I say they are really cute. I wouldn't know what to do if Niall left me, i knew it wouldn't be good either.


"Ohh you were saying." He said looking up at me.


"Im sorry." I said softly as i looked at the ground.


"Katie were tired there is nothing to be sorry about." He said pulling me into a hug.


Gosh i miss his scent.


"I love you.'' I said tightening my grip.


"I love you too." He said burying his face in the crook of my neck.



I Never Want To Let Go.




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