Faking It

im•pos•tor [noun] ; a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others. Hi, my name is Ariana Grande. My mission is for Harry Styles to fall in love with me. No, I don't want him for his looks. Yes, I want him for his fame. Once he falls for me, i'll become world known. I'll be on the front page of every magazine and i'll be the main topic on every talk show. Hey, I might even become famous. I can sing, maybe singing is in my future.. But to get there, I need Harry to fall for me. It's a challenge.. But it's one that i'm willing to take on. ◡̈ A Harry Styles fan fiction ◡̈


1. prolouge

♡ Prolouge ♡

♡ Ariana's P.O.V ♡

"Reporting news! One Direction band member, Harry Styles has been spotted having dinner with model Kendall Jenner last night. The two seemed to be very friendly, maybe even more then friendly you might say. Will this be the next world famous couple of the century? Or are we just assuming something false? Who knows. We'll be back right after this commercial break."

I click pause on the tv remote, and think clearly about what's running through my mind.

I have to be insane.

But it might actually work.

If I, Ariana Grande, were to get thee Harry Styles to actually fall in love with me, I could possibly become someone famous. My face would be plastered on each and every magazine cover, i'd be asked to talk on talk shows about where our relationship stands, and most importantly.. I could possibly become rich from it all.

It's a awful, devious plan of mines.. But it would be great for me. Not only for me, but for my family as well.

But how would I be able to even get him to notice me? That's the question.

Maybe I should post a video saying how much I love his band and him particularly. Even throw in a song, one of theirs actually.

Hopefully, if I get enough likes and comments, he'll notice me. Take me as some huge fan of his, even though I barely know anything about him or the other guys he sings with.

Oh i'm so ready for this.

Will it work? I'm not sure.

But i'm going to give it a shot anyways.

(Even though I couldn't really afford to start another story, a lot of people have been telling me how they want me to do it so I figured I would for you loves. I hope you guys enjoy! - Myaaa)

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