To Far Gone

"My team? Dead. My feelings? Dead. My anger? Very much alive.
I picked up a radio frequency that the world had gone to shit, they were right. People had died. People that were alive? Still wanted you dead.
A lone survivor had called for help, He was alive. The last of us, we were the only two who remained. And no way in hell is a rotten or breathing body keeping me from him.
This is Agent Montana, signing off."


5. Instincts

-Present Day-

I awoke to the sound of a nasty growl. My head slightly fuzzy but coping with the lack of sleep. The growl came from inside a small room that smelled of rotten cheese and sweat. Approaching the door, I only welded a standard pistol and Buck Knife. My damn dog tags clanked against one another, and against his. Against Wash's. They hung limply from around my neck, no trophy.

The shuffling stopped in the cheese room and a slight shuffle of feet brought me a face. A small girl that had a white cloth around her face, only revealing her hazel eyes.

"What do you want girl?" I spat.

"Supplies, Ma and Pa are both ill and Sam said he would be here if I needed anything, so I came," she finished, shrinking down as I towered over her.

"Um they both left, didn't look like they were coming back, but I have medicine, I will help them....take me to them," I ordered to the child. She obeyed by opening the steel door and disappearing into the haze. Mirror sat down next to the door and I ran to grab heavy boots and a mask, then decided last minute to snatch the dog vest and fitted onto Mirror.

The White was blinding and the silence was deafening. I soon found my way to a small hut that had steam billowing from a small tube that protruded from the top of the building.

Slowly I approached the threshold and entered. The hut was warm and humid. Two figures Lay side by side on a dull, worn bed.

"What are there symptoms?" I questioned the girl.

"They cough blood up and sweat a lot," she replied.

Walking over to the man I grasped his hand in mine and looked onto his eyes. He was scared, but it was clear his fear wasn't for himself.

"This will hurt, on three I'm going to jab a needle in your chest, don't be afraid. On three, one-" and I stabbed the needle into his chest, releasing the medicine into his system. I repeated the action with the woman, her eyes were dangerously dull and she didn't respond to any physical movement. I sat down with the girl.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Mervasi," she responded, quietly watching her resting parents.

"I'm glad I found you, before the Blizzards found them," she croaked. I fully turned facing her.

"The Blizzards?" I skeptically asked.

"The group of rulers who control our sector. The kill anyone not physically able." She finished.

"Able for what?" I questioned.

"Clearing out the walkers," she responded quietly staring at her feet.

The thought flashed through my mind "walkers, people, unsafe territory," I growled in annoyance as my survival instincts kicked in.

"Will you be fine here for an hour?" I asked.

Her responds was a slight nod as she pointed to the door.

I stood quickly and marched to the door, without looking back I latched the door shut to find my dog half buried in snow. I bent down and ran my gloved hand through stiff fur. When I brought my hand up it was coated in a sticky red liquid. Blood. Someone had killed him. Recently to it would have dried with in a minute.

I sprinted across the distance between the two structures to find I was locked out. I muttered under my breath and slipped around to the side to a window. The latch was open and I used my palm to slam to window open, sliding through the latch something hard and quick connected with my face with immense force.

Moving around me with outstanding speed and precision. Gray armoire glinted from the corner of my vision.

"Wash?" I spoke into the darkness. The figure froze and turned my face roughly to a blank tinted visor.

"Montana?" A voice slowly broke the silence.

"I've been tracking did you get away?" I looked onto the visor as it dimmed and then became invisible.

"I escaped and was searching for you," he exclaimed, blue eyes shining triumphantly, "objective complete."

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