To Far Gone

"My team? Dead. My feelings? Dead. My anger? Very much alive.
I picked up a radio frequency that the world had gone to shit, they were right. People had died. People that were alive? Still wanted you dead.
A lone survivor had called for help, He was alive. The last of us, we were the only two who remained. And no way in hell is a rotten or breathing body keeping me from him.
This is Agent Montana, signing off."


1. Information

Blood sprayed the ground. A fist flew by my ear as I dodged. I grabbed the arm and twisted it firmly against the Alturas back. I stabbed my knife neatly through his wrist so it struck his back with immense force, his scream should've sent shivers up my back, but I was to lost in the moment. He swung his free arm at llmy side, but I nimbly dodged, kicking him to the ground. I rested my heavily armored foot onto his chest and and opened my armors control panel I gently tapped the STUNNER button and his body shook with thousands of volts. Then I lifted my foot and slammed it to the ground, a three inch long gray blade slid quietly out from the tip of the boot. L

"Say hi for me," and I swung my leg in a perfect arc, the blade meeting his throat in a crimson spray.

I chuckled quietly pulling my knife from his white and yellow armor.

"If that was your leader," I said my grin growing, "Then this will be fun," I laughed before slamming my fist into the first Raiders neck.He instantly flipped to the left, the force jarring his body. I growled as he lunged throwing a silver hilted knife at my head. The blade sparked against my aqua helmet and clattered to the ground I slowly looked to his wide eyes and gaping mouth, I snickered and picked up the knife.

"Speed," I barked into my helmets audio, the world seemed to slow down. I laughed and sped to my attackers side, "strength," I yelled, and drove the knife into his chest, slowly pushing until the hilt. But I didn't stop there I kept pushing until the hilt and blade were invading his chest cavity.

"Hope it was worth it," I snarled to his blank expression.

I dropped his body and yelled to the other Altura guardians, "I will give you three seconds to leave or suffer a worse fate, your choice," I calmly said, "because I'm about to lose it, and you wouldn't want to be my punching bag," The Crowd quickly dispersed only leaving a few stragglers.

"Why should we be afraid of you?!" Snarled a dark faced girl.

"Because I scare the devil himself," I snickered, throwing the knife at her leg and pressed a small button on my armor, a small beeb squealed in the quiet room and her leg was blown to bits. My armor was coated in her red blood, it glowed on my amour. The room was quiet after the last of the Raider army dispersed.

I hopped a small wooden desk and plugged my Search Recon into it. As I waited for the data to transfer I unlocked my helmet and slid it of my head. My messy red hair fell over my shoulder still in its hair band. I wiped my face with the back of my hand. When the data transfer was complete the screen went dark and I looked up into the it. My face, pale and blood stained, stared back, I grinned and slid over the desk my helmet clicked in place as I set it over my head.

I tripped on the girls body. Part of me died with her tonight. But she was just another body less between me and my team, my family. The data file held the location of the jail blocks he was at not 5 days prior. I hopped in my fighter jet and took of towards the scarlet sunset, always chasing the sun, the sky reminded me of blood, funny.

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