To Far Gone

"My team? Dead. My feelings? Dead. My anger? Very much alive.
I picked up a radio frequency that the world had gone to shit, they were right. People had died. People that were alive? Still wanted you dead.
A lone survivor had called for help, He was alive. The last of us, we were the only two who remained. And no way in hell is a rotten or breathing body keeping me from him.
This is Agent Montana, signing off."


2. FB Missions

-Many Years Ago-

"Quiet!" I snapped at agent Maine, he shuffled a little bit more before going silent.

"Plan in motion," a husky voice sounded over the audio channel.

"Ok team, Maine take the front guards blocking the barracks chamber. North, South, take the men manning the turrets, York, cut the electricity. C.T. Move to the compound and secure package. Washington, your with me on Go for Secure duty, Texas, infiltrate the facility and attack all hostiles, cover C.T.. Florida will be joining us later, he's with the drop ship team and Wyoming is sniping on the far paneled platform. Agent Carolina is out due to her shattered arm but she will be back, sink," I explained over the intercom.

"Sink," the room echoed, and we moved to position.

I walked down a dark corridor waiting to hear voices, letting me know we had an enemy, but they never came.

"So Tana, why Are we always alone together?" Questioned Wash.

"Because closest states stick together, makes my job a whole lot easier, like the Dakota twins and Florida with Tex. Your Washington and I'm Montana, get it now brainiac?" I snapped.

"Ya ya but really, that night meant nothing to you?" He asked his voice turning icy.

"We're on a mission, personal issues will have to wait," I scolded. His dark grey helmet shook in the little light that was provided every couple yards. His yellow stripe that went down the top of his helmet met a grey visor.

"Damn I wish I could see his face, I hate talking to someone and not seeing there face," I thought. Just then a body flew through the doorway and landed at my feet.

"Move forward carefully, engage all hostiles," I whispered. Finding the left side of my helmet I pressed a small button down and my thermal optics came on.

"Four hostiles, agent Tex is in there so watch who you fight," I warned.

"Copy," Wash responded.

I acquired a target and swept there legs from under them kneeing them in the stomach as thy came down, the force brought them up to eye level and I slammed my fist into his back driving him to the ground where he lay still. I stomped the ground and my blade came forth from my summoning. I elbowed someone's head and kicked another in the stomach, blood splattered the floor, a bottle clattered to the ground and shattered illuminating it to a florescent green. I turned and slammed my boots heel into a man with orange armors head, he limply fell to the ground. Rising I looked around the room, Wash was helping Tex get to her feet. I walked over taking a small syringe out of my chest pocket and pulled her helmet of.

"Tex, brace yourself, this is gunna hurt like hell," and I stabbed the needle into he rneck, the adrenaline left the bottle and worked into Tex's system in seconds. Her blond hair was everywhere, I grabbed it and stuffed it down her neck chamber, then sealed her helmet.

We stopped at the Rally point, meeting the team.

"Package is secure," CT barked.

"Good work team, call in Florida and the recon ship, let's get out of here," I ordered.

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