Wreckless Hour // z.m

Every year, here in Manhattan, New York there is a night where everyone and everything breaks loose. Lights go out, windows are broken, and hundreds of crimes take place. And all of this happens in 1 hour.
60 minutes.
3600 seconds.
That was the night I met someone as terrifying as the devil, but as beautiful as an angel.
And I had no idea what was running through my head that night in the alley.. But with his cigarette scented breath scaning over my body and his large hands running down the small of my back.. I had no choice but to give into him.
❝ don't trust all angels, because the devil himself was once an angel ❞


1. chapter 1

Katherine's pov.

"Katherine, i'm going out with the boys tonight. I'm not sure what time i'll be back, but i'll see you then." Harry gives me a sloppy kiss on the forehead.

Tonight is the night we make exactly a year together, and I can't believe how stupid i've been acting all day. I thought he'd actually remember the important date, but no. His boys are put first, and then it's me.

The sacrificed lamb.

I just nod my head, and keep silent to avoid a night where frames are shattered, cuss words are yelled out, and hearts are broken.

Well at least my heart, maybe.

He walks out and slams the door shut.

No "goodbye, I love you", but just a slamming door. And I swear everytime he walks out on me like that, my heart breaks even more.

"Happy 1 year anniversary to you Katherine Hendrickson." I say in a sarcastic tone and walk over to the kitchen.

My heels click on the marble floor, reminding me I got all dressed up for no reason.

I was expecting him to dress up all nice, maybe even a well pressed suit, and ask me to dinner. Maybe a fancy resturant, or small candle lighted picnic.. But instead, i'm left to drink my sorrows away.

I pull out a bottle of red wine from the kitchen cabinet, and grab a glass to pour some into.

"Cheers to being all alone, with a bottle of wine." I lift the glass up and sip at it.

The strong taste of the wine crashes over my tastebuds, and i'm delighted. Tilting my head back, I drink a bit more than a small sip and place the drink onto the counter. I stare into the lonely apartment and tap my manicured nails onto the granite counter.

After staring out into space for about 5 minutes, I fill my glass to the top once more before heading off to my bedroom with the drink.

I lay down onto my comfortable bed and place my wine on the dresser to my side. Kicking my heels off, I flick through tv shows. I leave the news on and grab my glass to take a sip.

"Here we have Fredick Dillion, with an important announcement of some sort." The news reporter states, and then a man appears on the screen.

"Ya'll better be ready for this years annual Wreckless Hour, because I have a feeling it's coming soon. Real soon. Lock your doors, shut your windows, and most importantly.. Remain inside as much as possible."

I roll my eyes and change the channel.

Wreckless Hour is a time where basically everything goes black. Someone, i'm not sure who, is in charge of it all and it's pretty immature if you ask me. For an hour, everyone goes on this huge rampage and they do whatever they want.

There has been robberies, kidnappings, fights, and rapists would go around raping women. It's a disgrace, but it still happens every single damn year. All in one night, one hour.. A whole bunch of damage is done in such a short amount of time.

Everytime it's happened, i've been inside so i'm almost positive that it'll stay that way this year.

My phone begins to ring, startling me and I reach over to grab it from the dresser.

It's Harry.

"Hello?" I speak first.

"Hey, um.. Katherine, it's me Lou."

Louis is one of Harry's best guy friends. I guess you can say one of the guys he puts before me.

"Hey Lou, why are you calling me from Harry's phone?" I remove my phone from my ear to double check if it was from Harry's phone and it was.

"Well, he's drunk.. Super drunk. None of us guys are leaving anytime soon, so uh.. Can you come get him since he's too out of control?" He asks and I swear I hear Harry singing "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus in the background.

"Um sure.. Is that.. Is that him singing?" I chew on my lip.

"Yeah, he really has lost his mind. All he's singing is Miley Cyrus songs and he's freaking the rest of the guys out. Me included."

I shake my head at Harry's idiotic behavior.

"Where are you guys?" I ask while standing up from the bed.

"At Crazy 8's. Please get here quick, now he's stripping his clothes off on top of the bar counter. Harry, get down from there!" Lou shouts and the line goes dead.

Why do I have to have such an immature boyfriend?

I groan and put my heels back on and grab my glass to sip down the rest of the sensation.

I place it back down and grab my keys. Holding my phone and keys in one hand, I open the door and head downstairs.

Once I get in front of Crazy 8's, I park my car in the lot behind it, and lock the doors.

Walking through the alley, I hear a loud crash. I turn around to see if someone had hit my car window or something, but I couldn't see anything at all.

Because the lights went out.

"What the fuck?" I mutter under my breath.

"Oh shit, looks like it's the night! The night of Wreckless Hour, woo hooo!" I hear a man shout, and I feel my pulse quicken at the sudden words.

(if anyone was wondering, I picture Selena Gomez as Katherine Hendrickson.)

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