I'll Be Back (Beatles)

Roxanne LaCoupe is a regular teen living in 2013 Liverpool. One day it all goes backwards, literally. Her future self sends her back. Back all the way to 1956, where she is forced to find her way around and to fit in, which is something she couldn't do, even in 2013. Luckily, a woman, who is to be her grandmother, takes her in. Their next door neighbours, though, are of more interest. John Lennon and Mimi Smith. And that is only the beginning of how Roxanne LaCoupe changed the history of the Beatles itself, single-handedly.


2. o n e

I dropped my bag on the floor. "Nana?" I yelled, "Ya home?" Nana was upstairs, and that made her yell back, not like she wouldn't. "Of course I am, I never go anywhere!" I heard her cackle at her joke. "Gotcha, Nana!" I took off my black hoodie and hung it over a peg nailed into the wall near the front door. Sighing and opening the fridge I stared inside. I really wasn't hungry, I just had nothing to do. Not even homework. I had finished my latest artwork and have absolutely no inspiration to do anything for awhile. Flopping onto the couch and staring at the black screen of the television, one of the few modern age things in her house, and played with my fingers. I turned it on, eventually, I seriously needed something to do. I sat there for the longest time, watching cartoons, until Nana finally came down. "Did you have something to eat?" She asked. "Yes." I lied. I really wasn't hungry. "It's time to sleep, then. It's nearly eleven." I sighed and walked up the stairs, grabbing my phone as I went.

I slipped into bed, remembering it was Friday, and slowly drifted off into sleep.

I looked around, and saw a machine in front of me. "Are you sure about this, Roxanne?" asked a woman beside me, who was about 22. Not being able to see my face , I nodded, which was absolutely not in my control. I was about to walk into the machine until the woman stopped me. "Just make sure to not cause any paradoxes." I sighed, again not in my control. "I'm fine, Bon. Travelling back in time to my past self and sending her into where isn 't going to hurt anybody. I was surprised by my own voice. 'Bon' rolled her eyes at me and I walked into the machine and set the time to June 14, 2013. Wait, that was tomorrow! I shut the door of the machine , holding a metal pad. A few sparks flew, threatening fire, although there was none. And I was gone.

My eyes shot open. What had just happened? Who was Bon? Questions flew around my mind. I sat up, dazed. After I somewhat cleared my mind I went downstairs, looking at my phone. I sat down at one of the chairs near the kitchen, scrolling up and down on my phone. Nana came down, and greeted me. "Hello, Roxanne." she said. "Hi, Nana." I replied curtly. I saw a glint of pleasure in her eye. I looked back down at my phone, yet I felt Nana's stare still burning into me. Remembering my newest project I suddenly exclaimed out loud. "I almost forgot!" Nana seemed startled by my sudden outburst. "I finished my latest project! You just have to see it!" I sprinted up the stairs and slid into my room, frantically shoving around papers until I found my art. Suddenly a red flash emitted from the other corner of the room and a figure stepped out. She looked kind of like- me. Returning to the person I am regularly, besides being alone with Nana, I stared at her. "Who the hell are you?" I growled. She threw me a bag. I caught it uncertainly. "Fill this up with some essentials, money, clothes, the like. We're going to the place I had dreamed of a little later than now." I stared down at the bag then back up at her. "You're me, from the future, aren't you?" I raised my voice as I continued speaking. "Yeah yeah, alright. Now, you know of Nana's collection of Beatles stuff?" I slowly nodded, unsure. "They're my favourite, why wouldn't I?" The future me brightened up for some reason. "Good." She said. I slowly packed up my bag and set it down. "Now where are we going? Tell me, or I'll scream as loud as I can." The future me sighed. "1956." Sounded good enough. I needed to get out of here anyways. Older Roxanne motioned for me to get onto the metal pad I had seen in my dream and flicked a few switches. "Good luck." She whispered, and the red flashes cast light around the walls and we disappeared, just as Nana began to open the door.

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