Adopted by Zerrie (Niall Horan fanfic)

What if your parents died when you were only 10? What if you never got to say good bye? Well that's exactly what happened to Melody Johnson. Melody lives in a small foster home with 10 other girls just hoping to be adopted. Ever since Melody got into foster care she wished she would find the perfect family. But sometimes wishes don't come true. Melody is now 16 years old and still hasn't been adopted. She starts to loose hope until one day. A man and woman decide that she was the one. She never thought that life could get any better after that... but she was wrong!


5. chpt. 5

{BTW This chapter may be super long because my power is out but I can still keep typing while it's out it's out}

Melody's POV


I woke up and stayed in my PJ's today I'm spending the day with either Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis, or Niall. I'm hoping it's Niall. I walked downstairs to meet who I'm gonna be with.


I reached the bottom step and saw Niall!!

"Hey" I said and sat on the couch.

"Hey beautiful" He replied. I blushed.

"What you wanna do?" I asked.

"How about we watch a movie?" He asked while sitting down on the couch.

"sure. what you wanna watch??" I asked.

"Something scary" He replied.

"Aweeee I hate scary movies" I said.

"Well you can sit next to me and I'll protect you" He said. I chuckled and put a random scary movie in and sat next to Niall.


*During the movie*

Okay I made a horrible movie choice. Out of all movies I chose I picked the Paranormal activity: Marked ones. It may not seem like much but it scared the hell out of me.

We were at the part where they saw Oscar running out of the weird old lady's house and the main boy was walking down the street. (I don't remember much from that movie so just go along)


*Oscar jumps off the building* "Ahhhhhh" I screamed and jumped. I got my breathing back to regular and I looked down. I wasn't sitting on the couch. I was sitting on Niall's lap.

I turned back and our faces were inches apart. "Sorry" I whispered.

"No it's okay" He whispered. His breath smelt minty fresh.

I started to lean in and so did Niall. Finally our lips connected. It was perfect. I felt fireworks and butterflies in my stomach.

I turned my body so that I was straddling Niall. His hands were resting on my hips. I sat down on his lap and started to grind on him. Niall moaned into my mouth. I smiled and did it again. I felt his little friend. I pulled away and stood I started to walk to the stairs. I was pulling Niall up the stairs into my room. We got in my room, I closed the door and locked it.

*sexual parts start here beware*

I sat Niall down in a chair and straddled him. I started to grind on him and kiss his neck.

"Me-Melody" He  moaned. I kissed down his neck to his shirt. I went to the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head. I looked down at his chest. I smirked and bit my lip.

"Like what you see?" He asked.

"Yeah. I love it" I said. I kissed down his chest. I made it to his pants. I pulled them down along with his boxers. His hard on slapped against his chest and I bit my lip. I grabbed it and started to pump it. Niall put his head back in pleasure.

I decided to take it up a notch. I took his length and licked the tip. Niall moaned. I started to put my head down more and more. I was going really slow. Niall pushed my head the rest of the way and I started to bob my head up and down. Niall reached his climax. Niall got out the chair and I walked over to the bed. I sat down and Niall walked over. He started to take my clothes off. Once I was naked he started to suck on my left breast. I moaned in pleasure. He moved on to my right breast and swirled his tongue around my nipple. 

Niall kissed down my stomach and made it to my heat. He started to eat me out. It felt so good. I moaned and Niall chuckled sending me over the edge. 

I got up and went over to my bookbag and grabbed a condom.

"Why do you have a condom in your book bag?" Niall asked.

"I have health. They pass them out and we have to take at least one" I replied. Niall shook his head.

"But I got this from Zayn and Perrie's room." I said. I smirked and walked back over to Niall.

he slipped the condom on. 

"I wanna ride you" I said. Niall nodded and laid down on the bed.

I placed my self above him. He positioned himself at my entrance and I sat down. It hurt so bad. This was my first time. A tear ran down my face. I went down the rest of the way. I sat there for a while until I decided to move. I started to bounce up and down on him. 

"N-Ni-iall" I moaned.

"Fuck! Your so tight Melody" He said. I kept bouncing until we both came.

*end of sexual parts*

I got off Niall and got up. I walked over to the bathroom.

"What you doing?" Niall asked.

"I'm taking a shower" I said.

"Oh may I join??" I asked. I chuckled.

"Sure." I walked into my closet to get clothes for after our shower. My legs and part hurt really bad. I started to limp.

"Wow. Was I that rough?" Niall asked.

"Maybe. I don't know. You were my first" I said and blushed.

"You were mine too" He said. I looked at him and smiled.

"Let's go" I said. We got into the shower and Niall started to wash me. I washed Niall's hair and then we got out. I wrapped a towel around me and walked out of the bathroom. Niall did the same.

"Melody can I ask you a question?" He asked.

"You just did" I giggled.

"really Mel?" He asked.

"Okay what?" I asked.

"Will you be my girlfriend" He asked. 

"OMG!! Yes" I said. I hugged Niall and kissed him.

"Let's get dressed." I said. Niall and the rest of the boys have clothes here since they spend they spend the night a lot.



"Hey Blake. Hey Destiny, Hey Breanna" I said. Ever since she stayed the nighr we've all been the best of friends.

"Omg! guys you well never expect what happened Saturday" I said.

"What?" Destiny asked.

"Well on Saturday I was gonna hang out with a random boy. So I went downstairs and saw that it was Niall. So we decided to watch a movie and so he wanted to watch a scary one but I hate scary movies so I told him that I didn't want to and he said that he would protect me. So we watched Paranormal activity: the marked ones. And something scary happened and I jumped. So I didn't notice that I jumped on Niall's lap so we ended up kissing then I took him upstairs into my room. We kissed some more. then....." I said. Stopping at the then.

"What??" Why yelled.

"I gave him a BJ" I squealed.

"Eww you are so nasty. Tell us more" Blake said.

"Well he kinda ate me out then we had sex. Then we took a shower together and after the shower he asked me to be his girlfriend" I said. While smiling.

"Omg!! He was your first??" Destiny asked.

"Yeah. He's picking me up after school today" I said.

"Awee that's sweet." Breanna said. I smiled.

"This week end I've decided to go see my aunt." I said.

"As in your real aunt. Like the last person you saw before you were put into foster care?" Destiny asked.

"Yeah.I found out where she lives and I'm gonna go see her. I've missed her a lot. But she lives in america. So I have to ask Zayn and Perrie they'll probably come with me. Any of you guys wanna come??" I asked.

"I can't you already know Ms. Vee." Destiny said.

"My mom's and I are going to Bora Bora. So I'm a no go" Blake said

"I'll ask my dad." Breanna said.

"Great and at least we have next week off." I said.

*later that day*

"So Breanna what did he say?" I asked.

"He said sure." She replied. 

"Okay. I talked to Perrie and Zayn. They said that they'll take us" I said.

She nodded her head and the we went to our last class together.

At the end of the day Breanna, Destiny, and I walked outside. Blake had to go home because he had to watch his little sister.

Somebody walked up behind me and said. 'Guess who' 

"Umm is it Niall??" I asked.

"Yup" He took his hands from around my eyes and looked at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist. I leaned in and kissed him.

"Eww get a room Puh-lease!!" Destiny said. Breanna chuckled and Niall and I pulled away.

"Sorry to bother you but we were wondering if we could get a picture with you??" A random girl asked while walking up to us.

"Sure love" he said and took a picture with her. A few more girls asked for a picture and then we left.

"Hey Niall wanna go on a walk??" I asked. He nodded.

"Guys wanna come with us on a walk?" I asked.

"Sure" Breanna said.

"Nah I wanna take a nap" She said and laid down on my bed.

"You should call your boyfriend Breanna this could be a couples walk" I said. She nodded and called her boyfriend Matt. When he got here we went on our walk. We walked through the park taking couplie pictures!!

( I have some pictures I'm gonna put ad I'm gonna say who's is who's picture)

{Niall and Melody}

{Matt and Breanna}

{Matt and Breanna}

{Niall and Melody} {Melod's screen saver}

{Niall and Melody}

(That's all the pictures I think)

"OMG! These are so cute. Send me Matt and Mine's please!!!" Breanna said

"Alright." I said. We started to walk back to my house.

"I have to go back home but see you tomorrow in school" Breanna said.

"Okay" I said.

Breanna and Matt walked away. Niall and I kept walking.

"I'm going to America on Friday" I told him.

"Why?" Niall asked.

"I wanna see my birth aunt. Zayn and Perrie are coming with me and Breanna. I wanted Destiny to go but Ms.Vee won't let her" I said.

"Oh" We stopped in front of the house. 

"You mister need to go home. I will see you later." I said and then pecked his lips. When I walked inside the house I was shocked at what I saw.

Harry and Destiny were making out on the couch.

"Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww" I yelled. They jumped apart.

"we...uh... kiss... girlfriend..umm" Destiny stuttered.

"What did I walk into?" I asked.

"Well you see Melody. Destiny and I have been dating for about 2 weeks" Harry said.

My mouth hung open.

"Wha- How come you didn't tell me? We tell each other everything" I whispered to Destiny.

"Do you not trust me?" I asked.

"No. I just thought you would judge us." She whispered. But I heard her.

"When have I ever judged you? We've been best friends for 6 years. I've told you everything" I said.

"I'm sorry" She said.

I sighed. "It's okay but next time don't keep it from me. I wanna know things too" I said.

*Friday Afternoon*

We were on our way to the airport. I found out that my aunt lives in Hollywood.

"and we are here" Zayn said. Breanna, Zayn, Perrie, and I hopped out the car and into the airport.

*After the plane ride*

We arrived and got out of the plane. We got our luggage and headed out side and let me tell you. There were fans everywhere. We got in a black range rover and drove to our hotel. I am so excited the last time I saw my aunt Barbra she was 19 now she's gonna be like 25.

"We're here let's drop off our stuff and then we can find the place" Zayn said. We got up to the room. Perrie and Zayn were sharing a room and Breanna and I are sharing a room.

We put our suitcases in the room's and sat and watched a bit of TV.

"You ready?" Zayn asked. I nodded my head.

*At Barbra's house*

We arrived to the address. We got out the car and went up to the door. I knocked on the door.

"Coming" I heard a women say. I knew it was my aunt Barbra because when I was younger she used to hold out the 'G' in a weird like voice.

A few minutes later a woman opened the door. She had long dirty blonde hair like mine used to be. She had big grey eyes and she was super skinny.

"Hi. Are you Barbra?" I asked.

"Yes." She replied.

"It's me Melody. Your niece." Her eyes went wide and she smiled.

"Ohhhh Melody I've missed you so much. Look what you'v done to your hair. It's brown. I didn't recognize you not one bit" she said and hugged me. A few tears ran down her face.

"Who's this dear?" She asked.

"That's Zayn and Perrie they are my adoptive parent's this is Breanna my friend" I said.

"Well you guys come on in. It's lovely to meet you. The house is a little messy" She said. A little girl that looks to be about 3 ran into the room.

"Who's dis Mommy?" She asked.

"This is your cousin Melody" She said.

"Oh. Hello Melody I'm Juliet but mommy calls me Julie" She said and put her little hand out.

"well hello Juliet I'm Melody. This is my Mommy Perrie and my Daddy Zayn and My friend Breanna" I said. She nodded her head and ran off.

"Aunt Barbra!! Who's that?" A girl that looked about 14 walked into the living room to where we were.

"Piper. This is your cousin Melody. These are her parents-"

"Z-Zayn Malik and P-Perrie edwards?" She asked.

"So I'm guessing your a fan?" Zayn said.

"Y-Yeah. I....I am." She said.

"Yeah. They adopted me. This is my friend Breanna" I said.

"Hello I'm Piper Mink" She said extending her hand.

"Hi I'm Melody Malik." I said back and chuckled.

"So how long are you guys staying for?" My aunt Barbra asked.

"Umm from today to next Friday" I said.

"Oh cool. You don't have school next week??" Piper asked

"Nope" I replied.

"Lucky" i chuckled and we talked more about random stuff.


(Okay guys so should I do more like dirty parts or nah? Oh and I'm starting a new story it's gonna be a polyandry story. It's gonna be one direction. So you should go read that. I'm gonna write some of it right now<3)

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