Our Small Infinity


1. Who I am.

Chapter One- Who I am.


Hello. My name is Eliza. Most People call me Elle for short. I am 16 and a half. I live in New York City. However, I am not just your normal 16 year old girl. I have thyroid cancer. I have had it ever since I was nine. I don't do much. My parents always think I'm depressed, because every day of my life, I wonder how many days are left in my life. I am completely different than other 16 year old girls. I don't go to school, I don't use social media websites, I don't really go shopping, and in my free time, I like to take short walks alone, and read. I don't have many friends. Before I had to leave school, I had one best friend. Her name is Kimberly. She is still my best friend, and seems to be the only person from school that actually talks to me. However, we don't get to hang out much. She has school, and unlike me, a social life. From time to time, she comes to visit me. Honestly,I don't like when people feel sorry for me. One evening, my mom told me that I need to get some exercise and take a walk. So, I did. I brushed my pixie style haircut, put on some old jeans, and a t-shirt advertising my favorite band.it was a windy day, so I put on a light jacket. I told my mom that I was going on a walk, alone, as I put on my black, flat shoes. She told me to try to be back soon, and to enjoy my walk. I walked out of our apartment and patiently waited on the elevator. I swear, that is the slowest freaking elevator in the world. After waiting on that elderly elevator, I began my walk, alone.

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