Our Small Infinity


2. The walk.

Chapter Two- The Walk.


The city was crowded, as usual. Every step I took, I was hit with someone's freaking bag. You get use to it living in New York. I often have breathing trouble. I have to pull a small oxygen tank with me everywhere I go. I also have a small tube around my face, that started at my ears, and went into my nostrils. You could tell by looking at me, I had cancer. I am not embarrassed by anything though. I have been going through life without a care of what people think of me. I started to walk past a couple of shops. I didn't stop in any. As I began a new sidewalk, I noticed a boy staring at me around the corner. I just kept walking. But honestly, I thought he was hot. I don't pay much attention to boys. As I kept walking I noticed that he was still staring. To break the awkwardness, I decided to go into one of the shops. One of the store workers gave me a weird stare before she asked how I was doing today. Most people stare at my oxygen tank. I can't help it. It draws a lot of attention. People even sometimes point. I dot care though. I glanced at the door as I glanced at some t-shirts, I noticed that the boy was entering the store. The store greeter immediately welcomed him. She smiled at him in a flirting way. I quickly turned away though, so it wouldn't look like I was staring. He began to walk towards me. I kept glancing at him. He wasn't looking at me though. He was looking around the store. He began to get closer and closer to me. I just stood there, and acted like I was looking at clothes. Next thing I knew, he was right in front of me.

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