Our Small Infinity


3. Smooth Talking Kinda Guy

Chapter 3- Smooth Talking Kinda Guy

I glanced up at him couple times. I noticed that he was tall. I'm average height for a 16-year-old girl. He kept looking around the store, while stumbling a little. Suddenly, he broke the awkward silence. I pretended to read a price tag while he was standing there. "Hello", he said in a smooth voice. "Um, Hi", I said in a kind of nervous way. I am shy. "Pretty cool clothes at this store compared to some of the other crappy clothes out there these days", he said in a laughing way. "Yeah", I said smiling back. "Cool shirt", he said in a complimenting way to me. "Thanks", I said smiling again at him. "So, before I take this conversation any farther, allow me to introduce myself. I am Lucas. Lucas Hart." "I'm Eliza. Eliza Grace Abrams." "Nice name", he said to me smiling with an almost crooked smile. "Thanks", I said nodding. He told me that I could call him Luke or Lucas, Which ever one I prefer. He began going on talking about casual things, for example the weather. The skies were gray with hints of blue peeking out of the fluffy clouds. Next thing I knew, he was inviting me to take a walk with him. I didn't know if I should or shouldn't. He begged me. "Come on Eliza, it's not like I'm a freaking ax murderer", he said jokingly with a hint of seriousness. "Please, your beautiful, and I would like to take you on a pleasant walk", Lucas said. He looked pretty trust worthy. His blue eyes were innocent. "I don't know Lucas, I mean we literally just met", I said. "I promise, you can trust me. I'm just a typical 17-year-old boy", he pleaded to me. "Well Mr. Hart, I will let you know that most typical 17-year-old boys are interested in sex, drugs, cars, and hopping from girl to girl", I said with a look of seriousness on my face. "Well, then I must not be your typical 17-year-old boy. I treat any woman who is ever in my presence with respect. I would never even think of rape. Drugs are just the definition of wasting life. I would never tempt any of that. I am not knocking the fact though that I do have an interest in cars" Lucas said in seriousness. I kind of rolled my eyes along with a small smile. "Okay", I said. I trust you. "Great. Where would you like to walk?", respectfully said Lucas. "Let's walk the streets of Times Square. I don't have any change for bus money to ride to Central Park", I said. Well then, Central Park it is!" Said Lucas. "But I just explained to you how I don't have any change!", I said. "When we finish walking the streets of Times Square, we will walk the side walks of Central Park. I have plenty of extra change in my pockets, no worries" Lucas said. "Okay, I just have to be home before dark. First, let me call my parents to let them know where I'll be", I informed him. He told me that's fine, as we began walking to Times Square. He still hasn't mentioned a thing about my oxygen tank, my breathing cord that is on my face, or my cancer. That's kind of strange, considering that's the first question that people I don't even know ask me when they see me.

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