Our Small Infinity


4. Best Walk Ever

Chapter 4- Best Walk Ever

We began to stroll down the crowed streets of N.Y.C. Lucas and I would talk about ordinary things. Thankfully, he hasn't turned and try to persuade me have sex with him or do drugs or something. He seems normal. I decided that I will probably refer to him a Lucas. We passed many people smoking cigarets on our walk,which made me mad, and instantly lose respect for that person. My lungs are already bad enough. It is bad for me to be exposed to smoke. Just think, so cigarets are one of the leading causes to cancer, right? Well, yeah, that person is basically knocking years off of their life by each cigarette they smoke. I just want to tell those freaking idiots to stop wasting there freaking life! Luke hasn't mention or ask about my oxygen tank and cancer. The dragging sound of my oxygen tank on the concrete just makes it even more obvious.

"Stop!", said Luke as he gave my arm a gentle tug. "What the hell, we can't just stop in the middle of the sidewalks Luke!" "It's okay, I want to take you to get something at the ice cream shop",said Luke with a laugh. His laugh was cute. "Okay", I said with a small smile. As soon as we walked in the ice cream shop, I noticed all the teenage girls stare at Luke and smile. I just walked and drug my oxygen tank right behind him. "What would you like", he asked me. "A medium cotton candy ice cream in a waffle cone", I said. "As you wish", he said as he told the cashier what he wanted. I felt like almost every girl in this shop was talking about me and saying stuff like, what is he doing with a girl like her? I honestly didn't care. Luke liked me for some odd reason.

After getting ice cream, we began to make our way into Times Square. It was the usual crowded. If I could have a penny for every time someone hit me with their stupid bag. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I felt too awkward dragging around this oxygen tank with a damn nasal breathing cord under my nose. So then, I said, "Luke, just in case you are wondering, yes, I have cancer, yes this is a oxygen tank I have with me, and yes I have lung problems." "I wasn't going to ask, it is obvious, but I could care less about it, I mean, I think it sucks you have cancer, but it doesn't change out friendship or anything. Don't be embarrassed or anything like that", he said to me. "Okay, I felt awkward, whenever I meet someone, that is the first thing they ask me", I said to him. He completely changed the subject, and we kept walking. Boy, am I glad that is over with.

After our long walk, Luke began to walk me home. We stopped to say our good nights in front of my apartment. He lived about two and a half blocks away from me. "Eliza, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our walk. May I see you again? Soon?" Is mailed and answered back with a proud maybe. He laughed and said hopefully. Feeling a little generous, I decided to give him my phone number. He put it in his phone and thanked me. I thought maybe he would try to kiss me. Maybe the lips? Maybe a small little peck on the cheek? Maybe a proper kiss on the hand? I can't lie, I'd take whatever. I almost wanted him to kiss me, but he didn't, and I completely understood why. It wasn't even officially a date. Maybe he considered it as one, or maybe he considered it as a friendly stroll trough N.Y.C. Whatever, I just actually had a good time.

As we finally separated ways, all that I could think about was him, and how crazy he handled my cancer. Mom and Dad asked me some stuff about Lucas (they know him as Lucas). They seemed to like him, and some how, my dad knew of his dad from something involving work. After saying good night to my parents, I went upstairs to my bed (we live in a two story apartment room, in fact it is really big and feels like living in a house). I watched a bit of television, and them set my sleep timer and began to fall asleep.

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