You're Mine

Valerie Simons was a normal teenager. She was a straight A student with honours roll. She had one amazing friend that was like a sister to her, Chrissy, and a brother that was like her best friend, Jake.
Valerie didn't believe in relationships due to the unpleasant ones she had before. But what happens when the new boy comes barging into her life demanding Valerie to be his? What happens if she falls for his best friend?
Find out in the book "You're Mine"
Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


10. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

"I knew it!" I scream with a mouth full of my sandwich. We are at lunch and we all decided to eat outside. By "we" I mean Jake, Chrissy, Logan, Chris, and I.

It's been a few days since I apologized to Logan and we became friends. To be honest, he is a really great guy to talk to. Now he isn't so pushy and he is just a good friend. I am surprised by all of this. We haven't fought or argued since and I am kind of glad about that.

The thing I was just screaming about was Chrissy and Jake walking in hand in hand. I knew they would date! They are so cute!

"I saw it coming as well!" Chris says while he gives props to my brother. We all laugh.

Logan looks a bit hurt and jealous. I wonder what that is about? I see Chris mouth the words "Don't worry. That will be you one day." to him. What is that supposed to mean? I decide to let it roll off my shoulders.

We take our seats at the picnic benches beside our school. I sit between Logan and Chris, and Jake and Chrissy are on the other side.

"So, give me the details!" I yell at them.

Everyone giggles except me. I am so damn serious. I deserve the details.

"Well thanks to you Valerie, I confessed my feelings for her through FaceTime then she said she had to go so I thought she didn't like me back." My brother says.

"But I proved him wrong. It took me a few days to grow the balls to prove him wrong though. But this morning i found my balls and I went up to him and planted my lips on his soft ones-" Chrissy says before getting interrupted by me.

"Too much detail!" I say in disgust.

"Oh. Sorry!" She says and blushes.

"So that kind of proved she liked me so I asked her to be mine and she said yes." They say.

We all aw.

"Yeah, mine." I hear Logan mumble. I decided not to ask him to speak up because I was thinking thinking the exact same thing. Logan always called me his and he asked me to be his as well. I guess he is a little hurt by the whole situation and how it worked out for them and not him. Now I feel guilty. But I still don't like like him. He hasn't showed me the best he can be.

"That means... Chrissy is my sister in law!" I scream and we both squeal for joy. God we are such girls.

Everyone starts to laugh at us and we stop and blush.

We hear the lunch bell ring. We all say our good byes and walk off.

I start walking to class

"Valerie!" I hear someone yell. The voice sounds quite familiar so I turn around.

It's Logan. I stop and smile at him.

"Yes Logan?" I say.

"Want to come over tonight and watch a movie or something?" He asks.

I am actually really glad he did. I've kind of wanted to hang out for a while.

"Yeah. Sounds great!" I say.

He smiles and runs off. I can hear him say "yes" from here. I giggle at his dorky-ness.


It's around 4:00pm when I finish my homework. I decide to text Logan to see what time I should come.

"Hey! What time should I come?"

I put my phone down and start to change into nicer clothes. I decide to wear ripped jean shorts and a Metallica tank top.

"When ever you are ready:) I just finished my home work" he sends back.

"On my way!!" I reply.

I run down the stairs and see Chrissy and Jake on the couch watching television. They are laughing and having a nice time. Aw. I love it.

"Okay love birds. I'll be at Logan's watching a movie." I say

"Okay have fun!" Jake yells as I leave the house.

I get there in around two minutes. I really hope his sister is there. I like her.

I step on to their over sized porch for an over sized house and I ring the door bell.

I here someone play with the lock and it's Logan. His hair is messy which makes him look a lot hotter. I can call friends hot. It's not weird. He is also, wearing black skinny jeans and a Metallica shirt. You have got to be kidding me.

He starts to laugh. "You have good taste in bands." He says.

"I can't believe you look better in it than me." I say with my arms crossed.

He laughs even harder.

"To be honest, you will always look hotter than me. Now come inside." He says and I laugh.

"Where's your sister?" I say as I walk towards the family room.

"Two things,

1. My sister is at work.

2. We are going to the movie room not the family room." He says.

Holy crap. They have a movie room?

We walk through curtains to see right couch chairs and a huge tv that takes up a wall.

"Wow." I say.

"You are my second visited to ever come in this room. You and Chris were the only ones." He says as he puts a disk into the projected thingy. I take my seat in the middle row.

He sits in front of me and it shocks me a bit.

"What are you doing?" I say.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"Why aren't you sitting beside me?" As I say that he looks shocked.

"You actually want to sit beside me?" He says with a huge grin.

"Yes. Knowing you, you probably picked my favourite movie and I am going to cry so I need a shoulder." I say and he runs to sit beside me.

I place my head on his shoulder and he places his hand in my waist.

"Better?" He asks.

"Uh. Yep." I say. In the back if my mind I was thinking "hell yeah!" but I could never say it to his face. This feels just right. It's so nice and comfortable.

The movie starts and I am right. He chose my favourite movie; The Blind Side.

After the movie is done and I wet Logan's shoulder with my tears Logan turns to face me.

"I have a question." He asks and I nod.

"It's almost summer vacation since there is two days left. I already asked your brother, Chrissy, and Chris this question and they all said yes."

"Just spit out the question." I say interrupting him and he giggles a bit.

"My family has a huge RV and a person who drives it for us. So for the first few days do you want to go on a road trip with us? It'll be just us friends." He asks.

"Hell yeah!" I yell and hug him. This time I let my self say hell yeah.

"Great" he says and tightens his grip. As we hug I look at my watch. Damn. It's 8:30. I should go home.

"It's getting late. I should go." I say.

"Let me drive you." He says and I smile and nod.

He grabs his keys and we head out.

The car ride was silent.

He pulls up to my driveway and parks.

"Thanks for everything! I had a great night." I say and kiss his cheek.

"No problem. And hey. You didn't make a rude comment after you kissed me." He says and I laugh. "Wait here." He gets out of the car and opens the car door for me. I smile and thank him by giving him a hug.

We let go.

"Bye Logan."

"Bye Val."

I walk into my house and shut the door. I lean in the wall.

Maybe he isn't bad after all.

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