You're Mine

Valerie Simons was a normal teenager. She was a straight A student with honours roll. She had one amazing friend that was like a sister to her, Chrissy, and a brother that was like her best friend, Jake.
Valerie didn't believe in relationships due to the unpleasant ones she had before. But what happens when the new boy comes barging into her life demanding Valerie to be his? What happens if she falls for his best friend?
Find out in the book "You're Mine"
Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Since my confession to Logan, we haven't talked nor did I worry about him. He is finally off my back which makes me a bit happy. I kind of miss having him around. I am more lonely now that Chrissy is on vacation. I haven't talked to Chris since we hung out. I've been kind of alone. Not much has happened in my life.

I just sit alone at the kitchen table eating cereal. I hear running down the stairs and into the kitchen.

I sigh. "Hey Jake." I say. I look down and mix my cereal. I know he can tell something is up but I'm not in the mood for anything.

"Valerie. What's wrong? I know you don't like talking about your feelings but I am your brother. I know you need someone to talk to." He says. God. Sometimes I hate how this kid knows me better than anyone else. This is what makes him the best. He is my therapist and best friend. I seriously don't know what if do with out him.

As I am about to answer I get a text.

'Logan told me what happened. Can we talk about it?' The message says.

"Actually. I want to tell you, Chrissy, and Chris." I say to him.

"How the heck are you going to tell Chrissy. Text her everything you say to us." He asks.

"Nope. As I am telling you and Chris she will be on FaceTime with us." I say.

"That's great."my brother says. With the mention of Chrissy he gets all bubbly.

"I know you love Chrissy." I tell him as I text Chris back and tell him to come for 3.

"I do not." He says.

"Don't worry. She has a thing for you too." I say.

"Really!!!???" He shouts than begins to cough to hide his excitement "I mean really?"

"No need to cover it up. You too should totally hook up." I say as I put my bowl in the dishwasher.

"I'll talk to her about it when she gets back." He says.

I start screaming and jumping for joy.

"YAYY!! Finally!!" I scream.

He laughs and walks away.

"I'll be in my room if you need me." He says.

I nod before he walks off.

I go up stairs and to my room. I begin to text Chrissy.

'SOS about Logan. I'll FaceTime you with Chris and Jake at 3! Hope you are having a good trip. XX'

Around a few minutes later she texts back.

"OMG. I'll be on. And it's been so boring. Ive just been going to the beach and shopping everyday." She says and I giggle. I can't believe she got sick of shopping. Miracles do exist.





My brother is sitting on the couch talking to Chrissy on FaceTime getting ready for the "meeting" as I walk to the door to let Chris in.

As I open the door I see his kind eyes look at my and smile. I reach out for a hug and he kindly takes it.

"Are you ready to let out your feelings?" Chris says with a goofy smile that makes me giggle.

"Yes sir." We walk in to the family room and sit down.

"Okay baby. Tell us everything from the beginning." Chrissy says.

"Well you all know how Logan and I started. But a few days ago Jake went out and since the both of you were busy I decided to give Logan a chance because Chris kind of convinced me to do so. When he came over everything started out fine until he brought up he fact that we were home alone and that he wanted to have fun. I immediately thought that he wanted to have.. You know... But when I confronted him about that horrible idea he told me that was not what he intended. Then we got in a fight. I asked him 'out of all the possible reasons why did Claire leave him.'" I say. They all gasp at the comment.

"Why would you bring up his ex?" Chris said standing up. "That's a sensitive topic."

"I know but he really pissed me off." I say.

"Wait. Who is Claire?" Chrissy asked.

"The first person Logan ever fell in love with." I say looking down.

"WHAT? You are bad!" Chrissy says.

"Yes. Really bad. Never bring up any guys first love." Jake said agreeing.

"I know but what he brought up was worse. He asked why my parents are never home and if it was because they couldn't stand seeing my face." I said as I started to cry.

"Oh my. He didn't know. There is no need to be pissed though." Jake says.

"Yeah. It's not 100% his fault." Chrissy says.

"Wait why is that such a sensitive topic?" Chris says.

"My mom died of cancer and my dad committed suicide after she died. This happened 2 years ago when we were 16 then we moved with my aunt and uncle until recently. My brother and I wanted to move back to our old house and since we are 18 we are allowed to live alone." I say.

"I'm so sorry." Chris says. He engulfs me in a hug as I start to cry. This hug feels different then it used to. This hug is full of love. But not a boyfriend girlfriend love. It's a brother sister love. Oh my. I never was in love with Chris. I loved him.. As a brother. Thank god. No more drama then there needs to be.

"Thanks." I say as I let go of the hug. "Any advice for the situation?" I ask them.

"Apologize and talk it out with Logan. Ever since the incident he hasn't left his house... he's actually been pretty depressed. He told me he wants to talk to you but he is afraid that you will reject him." Chris says.

"I'll talk to him. But I think we should leave Jake and Chrissy to talk." I say and wink at my brother.

"Let's get ice cream!" Chris says like a child.

I giggle and nod.

"Bye Chrissy bye Jake. Love you" I say as we leave them

"Love you too!" They say in unison.

How's the Movella so far? I have a lot planned with this book. Thanks for everything.


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