You're Mine

Valerie Simons was a normal teenager. She was a straight A student with honours roll. She had one amazing friend that was like a sister to her, Chrissy, and a brother that was like her best friend, Jake.
Valerie didn't believe in relationships due to the unpleasant ones she had before. But what happens when the new boy comes barging into her life demanding Valerie to be his? What happens if she falls for his best friend?
Find out in the book "You're Mine"
Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

It's a half an hour before the party. Chrissy and I are in my room putting in make up and jake just left to go to Jordan's. Which leaves only Chrissy and I at home.

"Can I ask you why you don't like Logan?" Chrissy asks.

"He probably only wants to get in my pants and he doesn't seem trustworthy. I certainly don't want him to figure out my secret." I say to her as I apply mascara.

"Oh yeah. That would suck." She said.

"I'm finished!" I say and she scans me with wide eyes.

"If I were a guy id totally date you!" She said and I laugh. I start to scan her as well. She is wearing a skin tight red dress with sleeves. She is a stunning girl as it is but with that dress on I'm pretty sure a million guys will go for her tonight. She has beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes. She is really pretty and awesome. I'm so lucky to have her as a friend.

"You look hot as well." I say while giving her a hug.

I get a text.

'Im here sweet cheeks.' Logan says.

"He's here!" I say. We run down the stairs and I lock up. I see Logan in his Honda and I look at him.

He is wearing a white skin right top showing off his toned abs. He has his hair up in his usual quid but in this lighting I can see his eyes. saying his eyes were beautiful was an understatement. It was like walking through an exotic rainforest. Those eyes are what all the girls go for. His looks are irresistible. And when he bites his lip like he is doing right now, it makes him desirable. He is one good looking guy. But his stupid personality ruins everything.

"Take a picture. It lasts longer." Logan says as I enter the car.

"Shut up and drive." I say.

"You two look stunning by the way." He says.

"Thanks. You're not to bad yourself." Chrissy says.

After a few minutes we pull up on the driveway to a massive house filled with people. I already don't like this.

"Babe. I'm going to get us some drinks I'll be right back." Logan says before kissing my cheek. It surprised me and gave me butterflies but at the same time it disgusted me. Chrissy and I walk to the couch and sit down.

A boy around our age, which is 18, walks over to us.

"Hi. I'm Chris!" He says while holding his hand out to me.

"Valerie." I say as I take his hand and shake it.

"I would just like to warn you that since you are stunning a lot of drunk perverts will come after you so beware. If you need help with anything just call my name." He says.

"Thanks for the tip." I say

He walks away while giving me a smile.

I turn around and see Chrissy talking to some red headed guy. I turn around and start looking for Logan. I see him making out with some blonde girl who is dressed provocatively. I am not surprised. For some reason i feel hurt. But I can't be jealous. He is such a rude and ignorant guy I can't be liking him. Whatever. I'll ignore it.

I look in front if me and see a tall boy

"May I have this dance?" He asks.

"Sure" I say.

We walk to the dance floor and start to slow dance. His hands start to travel places they shouldn't be.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" I yell at him.

"I'm having fun." He says while grabbing my butt.

I push him off me but he slaps my face. Hard. I can feel it tingling. He grabs me by my waist and pulls me to a hallway.

"Chris!" I yell. "Chris!"

"Shut up!" He says to me and smashes his lips onto mine. He pins me onto the wall. I refuse to kiss back. I close my eyes as the tears begin to fall.

All of a sudden I feel his lips off mine and I look up. I see Chris punching this pervert with all his might.

"GET OUT!" Chris yells. And the pervert runs.

"Thank you." I choke out and cry into his arms.

"No problem. I don't want a beautiful girl like you to get hurt." He says.

"You probably said that to all the other girls here." I say while giggling.

"Actually. You are the only girl I have talked to tonight. I'm not much of a ladies man." He said. That's really hard to believe. He has warm brown eyes, he is buff, and tall. He is really kind as well. He is everything I look for in guy.

"I feel honoured. Can I see your phone for a second?" I ask.

He nods and hands it to me. I type in my number.

"Call me. I think we will be great friends!" I say.

He smiles.

"Hey babe. I see you have met my best friend Chris." Logan says as he sneaks up behind me.

"Yep. He is really great. Can you take me home now?" I ask.

"Yeah sure." Logan says.

I give Chris a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for tonight." I say and walk away with Logan to find Chrissy.

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